Popp Hunna Tries To Recreate His Viral Success On "Designa (Corvette Corvette Pt. 2)"

 Popp Hunna recycles his flows on his new single "Designa (Corvette Corvette Pt. 2)". 

Popp Hunna is feeling the pressure to recreate his viral success from "Adderall (Corvette Corvette)". His latest single is the continuation of the hit record, which sees him recycling some of his favorite flows from the song, rapping about his love interest's status as a designer fiend. 
"Designa (Corvette Corvette Pt. 2)" is officially out now from viral sensation Popp Hunna. The single was coupled with an accompanying music video, which sees the young artist roaming through the neighborhood with a mob of kids. His lyrical content hasn't changed much since his breakout single, but since this record lives in the same realm as "Adderall", it's likely that people will rock with it on social media. 

Whatt do you think of Popp Hunna's new song? 

Quotable Lyrics: 

Shee want that Dior and she want Gucci, 
Gucci, Gucci 
She wanna rock Burberry and she want 
Louis, Louis, 
Louis She want that Prada and the Gucci on the 
This b*tch want Fendi and Versace for the 

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