Foogiano Narrarates Life On The Run In New Song "Free Foo"

Released a week after his arrest, Foogiano drops the video for "Free Foo," which recreates the rapper's recent run-ins with the law. 

Over the past handful of years, Hip-Hop fans have witnessed rappers fleeing from the law and finding creative ways to capitalize on their time on the run. An artist most notoriously associated with doing the dash is 20-year-old rapper Tay-K, who's viral hit "The Race" was used in court against him in order to slam the rising artist with a 55-year prison sentence. Recently, one of Gucci Mane's most promising artists decided to do the race as well, as it was reported that Foogiano had burned off his ankle bracelet and fled from the law. Last week, news surfaced that Foogiano had been arrested after a few months on the run, and today, the rapper has dropped a song and music video combo similar to that of Tay-K's.

 "Free Foo" is a new track from Foogiano that finds the 1017 Records artist boasting about being "on the run again." The music video offers a more comical take on the rapper's recent legal troubles, as the visuals depict Foogiano checking his calendar to see if he's free to go to jail, playing an impromptu game of tag with police officers in front of his house, and running past additional police on a track field. 

Thee song and video combined make for an entertaining new offering from Foogiano, so hopefully his legal troubles will be taken care of so he can keep treating fans to new music. 

Quotable Lyrics 

Welll, I guess I'm on the run again 
I ain't wanna do it, but I told them 
cr*ckers, "Gotta catch me if you can" 
I just gave em fifty-thousand cash, now 
they tryna take me again 
But I ain't goin to the pen (Hell nah), 
b*tch I'm going for the win

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