Tokyo Jetz Taps Jackboy For "Cancel Culture" Track "YAK"

 The rapper dropped her album today (March 19). 

It's a time of celebration for Tokyo Jetz and her Grand Hustle Camp. On Friday (March 19), the rapper released her latest album Cancel Culture, a name that seems to respond to her previous controversy that landed her in trouble with the public last year. After apologizing and moving forward, Tokyo hit the studio hard as she penned the 14 tracks that landed on the album including the Jackboy-assisted song "YAK."
T.I. may have a bit of "cancel culture" on his heels at the moment, but he took a minute to express how proud he is of Tokyo Jetz completing and releasing her album. "Maaaaan my lil sis ain't Buuull$**ttin' wit y'all this year!!!" the Grand Hustle CEO wrote on Instagram. "Truly am Proud of you Lil sis.... you went there a lot and came a looong way to get where you are. Goes to show... Every storm runs out of rain. You stayed solid & endured. You deserve it ALL‼️" Stream Tokyo Jetz's "YAK" featuring Jackboy and let us know what you think.

 Quotable Lyrics  

І dоnе rаn uÑ€ а lÑ–l bаg оn 

ѕоmе rар Ñ•h*t 

Ð…trарреd lÑ–kе а d*kе аnd 

уоu knоw І’ll еаt а rар 


Ѕау f*ck а n*ggа twо 

tÑ–mеѕ, rеѕt in pеасе tо 


Dоn’t truÑ•t nоnе оf thеѕе 


Кісkеd hеr оut Ñ•hе саll 

mе Вruсе Lее

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