Submission Guidelines

All you aspiring artists out there, we see you. As we tend to receive an overwhelming amount of music submissions, we’ve decided to streamline the process. From this point on, all submissions shall be done on this page. The days of sliding into the DMs have come to an end.

In order to facilitate the process for everyone, please adhere to the following guidelines.

*Submissions are always open.

*Submit a maximum of ONE song per day. Even if you’ve got heat in the stash.

*All submissions must be Soundcloud or Youtube links.

*Do not submit the same song within the same week. Any duplicates will be automatically deleted.

*No freestyles over licensed or copyrighted beats. We only accept original material, and that includes production. Also, be sure credit your producers accordingly.

*SPAM will not be tolerated. Any attempts at flooding our system will lead to disqualification and banned accounts.For features on printed publication of lifoti magazine please contact on lifotimagazine@gmail.com (Note: we don't charge for featuring on lifoti magazine & lifoti.com for artists)


  1. Good afternoon and Happy Saturday. My name is M. and I am a singer/producer. On March 2nd I released a compilation to mark my birthday on my birthday. The compilation is simple and sweet, made of pure beats 1 minute or less. This compilation is called "60 Seconds to Insanity". You can have a listen and choose the one that best suits you and your magazine. I hope you N'joy and will honor a submission.

    Thank you and here we go:


  2. T-Roc brings a new meaning to “skin in the game”. He is a passionate,
    dedicated artist, who leaves it “all on the floor” every time he
    performs. T-Roc is an extremely powerful and popular
    entertainer in the private event sector. He currently has a
    100% client re-booking rate. (That means every time a client
    books him, they re-book).
    As an entertainer, T-Roc is truly a force to be reckoned with
    in the mitzvah market in the Midwest. His entertainment
    style would cross LMFAO, USHER with WILL.'I'.AM. He has
    energy, talent, personality, style, and motivation.
    As a musician, T-Roc has been featured on national
    television several times, including appearances on The X
    factor and at The NWA Urban Honors in Hollywood. As a model
    and actor, T-Roc has been in national campaigns with Dr. Pepper,
    DSWxToms, Maxwell Coffee, K-Mart, Budweiser and more. Most
    recently T-Roc has added NBC actor to his resume.
    Growing up on the Southside of Chicago, T-Roc was destined to become an entertainer. Multi-talented, he
    always had roles in school music and acting production. He began studying dance when he was only ten years
    old. Unfortunately, life wasn't always easy for the young artist when his world was turned upside down by his
    parent's separation. T-Roc took solace in music, particularly Dance Pop and Hip-Hop. Realizing how much power
    music had to bring people together, he decided to dedicate himself to inspire and uplift people around him. 􀀀
    T-Roc's talents started to truly blossom as a teenager. His dance crew, Chi Town's Finest, was a local hit,
    performing at events all around Chicago. His passion for singing live was steadily growing. He starred in a local
    production of Grease which propelled him into Columbia College's prestigious theatre program. There he
    studied acting, dance, choreography and he also
    appeared in a laundry list of plays.
    While a student at Columbia College in Chicago, T-Roc was a member of the R&B group 4A.M. That group would
    go on to perform around the country, culminating with an appearance on the X-Factor. T-Roc used that group's
    success to launch his own solo career, releasing his first commercial single “The Edge (Go).”. His music is defined
    by fusions of pop, dance, hip-hop and RnB. The follow up single “Daylight” was featured on the influential pop
    compilation “Wanna Party!”. T-Roc teamed up with the DJ Duo Romen Jewels, '“Im The Sh!t” and has already
    racked up over 70,000 streams in North America.

    “Red Solo Cup”

  3. Hi! My name is Shawn Adam Williams. I'm from Atlanta Georgia. I'm a multi award nominated singer/songwriter and performer. This song I wrote; Until It's Gone. It became an instant local hit on the independent charts. I'm so glad to be the part of Lifoti Magazine. Please enjoy my latest single, follow me on social media, and support my music on ReverbNation and Soundcloud!


  4. Hey cool cats--
    Lose your pants to our Miami dance pop music
    Based out of Mimai, Xotic Yeyo is a funky trio based out of Miami, and this is our banger, Slide to the Left. Record you and your friend dancing to the chorus in Slide to the Left on your Instagram or youtube, and hashtag #XoticYeyo #YeyoSlide-- By doing so, you will be automatically entered into a raffle for free merch for you and your homie. The raffle takes place on the IG Live on our 4th band-iversary and birthday for our Xotic Yeyo project: October 31 2019. Follow us on the IG and Youtube, and stay tuned you funky nugget! See you at a show!


  5. Ari Politi here, Singer/Songwriter/Composer based in London.
    My single Let's Go:

  6. https://soundcloud.com/dcyphrofficial/corrupt-society-d-cyphr-x-b-christ

    Joel Joshua Brown, professionally known as D-CYPHR, is an underground Cornish rapper trying to get known, mostly based around conscious rap, sad rap and grime, mainly influenced by music from Chip, Yungen, XXXTentacion & Phora. In his music he mainly focuses on telling stories about his past and making stories and messages from a perspective where other people can also relate. With his music, he aims to spread insight towards both those who have and haven’t experienced tough times in life, so that those who have been through tough times can relate and realise that they aren’t the only ones who go through a lot, and so that those who haven’t been through tough times can have an insight of what it’s like to go through such struggles.

    Born 13 / 5 / 99

  7. Hi Lifoti. I recently received an opportunity from you through ReverbNation to submit my bio for your magazine. When I couldn't email it to you, (gmail said lifotisubmit@gmail.com didn't exist) I asked Reverb about the problem and they told me they stopped the opportunity because of non-conformity to their contract. I would still like my bio to be published if that is possible. Let me know if you're still interested. You can reach me at excelprintingllc@gmail.com. Thank you, Mike

    1. We have successfully received your contents. Next printed issue of lifoti will be publishes in September and your submitted article will features in that edition.