“That’s My Daddy Up There” And everything else you need to know about John Eason

John Eason comes from a gospel family Louisiana. He grew up watching his family play and sing in bluegrass and gospel shows. To be exact, “My dad played, my mom played, my papaw played…everybody played.” Soon John was playing, too. He loved music in all of its many forms, so he sang in the school choir and he played trumpet, tuba, snare and more in the school band.  His dad moved around a lot and he ended up in Mississippi. 

Despite the long history of music, it wasn’t his first choice of career. Originally John’s love of cooking and food led him to get a culinary diploma, initially starting a bakery in Hattiesburg, MS. He loved making beignets, but sadly, his bakery was lost in Hurricane Katrina, so he found himself needing to move along. 

He always felt a need to embrace his gypsy roots, being of Romanian descent, his ancestors had always been more fond of moving around and seeing the world. In Iraq, John bought his first guitar and fell in love with songwriting. After five tours of duty in the United States Air Force, he had a lot to sing about. When he was honorably discharged he moved on to Nashville, TN, where he currently works as both a recording artist and a caterer. 

Songwriting is the perfect therapy for a veteran, Eason pours his pain into powerful songs with strong Country and Southern Rock influences. His upcoming single, “Gun From My Hands” was inspired by his own scarring experiences overseas, compounded by the loss of one of his military brothers to PTSD. “If this song can give listeners a window into what soldiers deal with, maybe they can help the veterans in their lives cope.” Songwriters always hope they are saving lives with their words and this song truly might.

Music is the perfect salve for his gypsy nature, too, with tour dates allowing him to travel around America on a song, spreading his poignant message to larger and more varied audiences. John’s favorite audiences will always be in Mississippi with his family and anywhere he gets to play for his daughters. 

Ellie Mae (nine) and Callie Grace (six) love watching their daddy sing! Ellie says “I love knowing that’s my dad up there! My favorite song he sings is ‘Beautiful Crazy.’ He sings that way better than the guy on the radio!” Callie’s favorite song her dad plays is “White Lightning,” because of the cheek pop. Their footprints are tattooed on his arms where he can always keep them near him when he is traveling, truly wearing his heart on his sleeve.

“John is really an amazing talent,” says Olivia West, a frequent duo partner and career songwriter in Nashville. “He comes into a write with refreshing ideas and always digs in to get the full flavor out of a song.” Eason is a cowriter on Olivia’s next single, too. “We had just finished writing ‘Gun From My Hands’ and he made a joke about the rain being the tears of the Honky Tonk Angels, and suddenly we were writing another song! I have written with a lot of Grammy winners and huge hit writers, and I have never written two such momentous songs in one session before!” When Olivia and John play together, they go by their last names Eason West.
Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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