Young and talented Kido Stony dropped the mixtape "Exposed"

Lorenz J. Cooper From Florence, S.C. started a group called “KTDL” with his friend. Recently he released his mixtape “Exposed” with his record label StonyGang. He says, "I got my two part nickname from two different situations. The Kido part came from high school, when I was rocking the Kid box, so I flipped it and turned it into Kido, just to put my own Dab in it. The Stony part came from, when I was “High As Heaven” just sitting back listening to that Young Thug song “I’m a stoner” and I was saying to myself, “I’m a stoner too” but I didn’t wanna make it look like I was tryna copy or d!ckride the name so I switched it up and put my own flavor on it. Which it came out to be “Stony”. 

When I first started rapping I was with my homeboy (at the age of 9) just writing whatever came to mind. But at the time my mom just had my little brother but she had a seizure and I didn’t know how else to express myself rather than writing my own poems to mend the hurt. I never really spoke as a child I was always just the one who did his work, but still thugging in the streets, so I guess you can say I’m a “Smart Street N!gga”. As the years past I started feeling myself more but see my brother been rapping since I was younger, I remember when he used to take me to the studio and I used to want to record so badly. But anyways a few years past by and at this time I was in middle school, and me and my friends started a group called “KTDL” and on everything you can still find our first fan page on Facebook if you type it in, I used to have dreads back then. That’s beside the point though because we never made a song together except for one of the people in my group, which he is known as “Kado Stony”. 

By high school (11th grade) I started rapping with my boy Tre (also known as Tre Stony) we was like the best duo in school, every time we’d drop a song it’d go wild everywhere in high school. The experience in rapping for your own classmates and them telling you keep going is the best feeling, I mean some hated on me but it’s always the hoes who have the shortest hair in school that talk the most shit. But me and my boy used to perform back in school and all, until I wanted to go independent. Yeah people were upset that I wanted to make music alone for now on but even my boy understood that it was the best move for us, we might end up coming out with another hit one day, but we both trying to chase a dream and nothing can get in our way not even each other. 

When I started making music alone I started seeing my own fans, that really f#cks with my music and rocking with me. It’s just an amazing feeling getting shows for your talent and having people wanting to take pictures with you because of your music and no one on this earth could ever take this feeling away from me, I know one day I’m going to break out of this city I call home, but when I do I wanna be a leader of example and help kids who never got a chance to record to come join my label once it’s up and running and helping artists I believe in make it right along with me. Because around here not too many people make it, I mean hell the person who did make it from S.C. Was Speaker Knockerz, (RIP to him) but that was 5-6 years ago I feel like with my style and music I could break out just like he did, it’s too bad that he couldn’t experience all his hard work paying off, but I’m here to say if God be willing that I will live out my dreams just for him. I know it sounds kind of weird but Speaker Knockerz is S.C.’s first king when it comes to making it out here. Well all I have left to say is, this is just the beginning of a long journey for me"

Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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