Justin Bieber Croons His Way Through "As I Am" Ft. Khalid

 The singer opens up about his past mistakes on the track that makes an appearance on "Justice." 

There aren't many features on Justin Bieber's Justice, but fans are loving his pop-ballad with fellow award-winning singer Khalid. The two artists joined forces on "As I Am," a track where we find Bieber once again coming to terms with the mistakes of his past and reconciling that with who he is now. The singer has stressed the importance of Justice and expressed that the message the project carries goes beyond music.
“I love this song because it has a really hopeful message,” Bieber told Vogue. “A lot of us, including me at times, have felt unworthy of love and so [the hook] is saying, ‘Take me as I am and I'll do the best that I can.’ It’s that commitment that I personally made to my wife. I’m here through thick and thin—this is me, take it or leave it.” Stream "As I Am" and let us know your thoughts. 

Quotable Lyrics 

Byy myself sometimes, to give my mind 
some space 
Yeah, I know, yeah, I know that it hurts 
when I push your love away 
I hate myself 
I wanna tell you lies, so your heart won't 
Yeah, I know, yeah, I know that I made 
my fair share of mistakes 

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