Jokari Miller the Ethical Scientist And Robotic Rapper

Described as an ethical scientist, engineer, and futurist, Jokari was born in Chicago, Illinois. He later moved to Los Angeles, California at the age of 9 where he began to seriously pursue his passion for science and technology, of which he had already been “lightly” involved in since he was able to walk and talk. He taught himself to program using the computer languages known as BASIC, FORTRAN and COBOL between the ages of 10 and 13. His Father, Dan M. Miller, worked at Teletype (later-AT&T/Lucent Technologies), and frequently brought home discarded electronic equipment from the job. Jokari began to repair and later program the systems his father brought home. Jokari also had an elder neighbor who lived across the street from him who was an employee at Irvine Corp (a defense contractor), and she too would bring Jokari discarded items home from work. Jokari began to enter science fairs while attending jr. high school (6-8th grade), and he took 1st place all three years he attended Bret Harte Jr. High School, each time with a different robot. 

The first 2 robots were innocent enough, but the 3rd robot, MART (Military Amphibious Robotic Tank), was an early example of some of the problematic issues with advanced robotics that we see brewing today. Ultimately, Jokari was entered into a western regional science fair held at Vandenberg Air Force Base, where representatives from defense contractors such as Hughes Aircraft, McDonnell Douglas, and Northrop (now Northrop-Gruman) were in attendance. This was the turning point in Jokari’s path to science/technology. A combination of the troubled times and injustices in society at that time, as well as fears presented in popular culture’s view of artificial intelligence and robotics, lead Jokari on the path of using his research to develop checks and balances for innovation. He went on to get a bachelor’s degree from Chicago State University, and a master’s from Northern Illinois University, and during his time in college was a student activist and student organizational leader, once getting beat and choked by university police for wearing a Northern Illinois University hat at Chicago State University. 

He founded Uganda Robotics, BriteLite AI and PlaneTerra, and is a staunch proponent of independent schooling. He is in the process of getting a patent for his invention, the AWS (Autonomous Water System) which combines alternative energy (solar/battery) and condensation with reverse-osmosis water filtration to make clean drinking water a reality for underserved areas as well as those who wish to become independent in their production and use of clean water. 

He is also working on a project that would utilize aerial robotics to improve the internet service in an area that internet service is not optimal. Jokari is the author of 2 books set to be released early 2020: “Techno-Victims: The negative impact of robotics, nanotechnology, and artificial intelligence on Black and Brown people” and a book entitled “Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Beyond”. “Techno-Victims” explores how a lack of ethics in science/tech research & development combined with good old-fashioned racism will be the future of a new era of "efficient" colonialism, oppression/repression, and counter-insurgency in Black and Brown countries across the globe and in the Black and Brown communities in America. “Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Beyond” is a crash course on the subjects, explained in a more understandable way than other books in the field.

As for music, Jokari regularly delves in his music hobby, creating hip-hop music that references science and technology. He has been rapping since the ages of 8, and over the years has performed live on stage opening for artists such as UMIND, Blackstreet, KRS-ONE, Channel Live, Mad Lion, Above The Law, Da Brat, Zhane, and others. He has worked with many notable music figures such as Kanye West (introduced by PB-Peanut Butter), Shawnna, NO ID and many more; hung-out with the likes of Lady Gaga, Linkin Park, TRINA, Missy Elliot, Jahiem, Webbie, Bert Padell (to name a few), and was the first to make a rap song about the Tesla car and the electric vehicle revolution. He is currently working with his long-time "partner in rhyme" Alicia Cherry (DJ Lady Cherry) with music and with the tech startup Uganda Robotics, of which Alicia is the Chief AI Officer. Jokari has a rap duet EP album in the works entitled “I Don’t Wanna Die From A Robot”, with Reigndrop Lopes (sister of Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopes), that will feature Jokari's smooth yet rough hip-hop style mixed with Reigndrop’s signature “Hip-Rock” style. He is also releasing a video to his single “Wish I Had A Tesla”. He does not wish to be looked at as a “rapper”, he would like to be known as an ethical scientist and engineer who helped to try and save humanity, and who also "just happened to do music”. 

Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:


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