What’s a Sapper? Lo Connecting the World Through Emotions

Lo, is a Chicago Native, who's hoping to connect individuals around the world one emotion at a time.With both parents having background in music, Lo learned from a young age how to sing and play the piano. At 6 years old, she was writing songs about every day experiences, such as taking a bath or getting valentines in her locker at school. In college, Lo joined a music collective called Firexsquad with her close friends from school. Firexsquad isn’t a band, but a collective of artists whose goal was to make an impact on the campus of the University of Miami with music. 

Lo had always been a shy performer, but with FirexSquad, she was pushed out of her comfort zone to perform at multiple on campus shows, off campus gigs, and even as the opener for A$AP Ferg. She increasingly grew her fan base and in time, gained confidence to take over the stage without effort. Lo recalls remembering how she was the performer who didn’t move an inch when on stage, and now she’s dancing and just feeling the music. “Anyone who is a shy performer, just work on your confidence,” Lo states, “ That’s what I did. When you hit the stage, just let the words that you wrote take over you and you’ll never worry about who’s in the audience again.” 

At 19 she wrote and recorded her first song “Nicotine” that emphasizes love being just as addicting Nicotine. She always had an interest in rappers who focused primarily on evoking emotion through their lyrics. Lo always considered Drake and Tink as some of her favorite rappers, because of their lyrical ability to say exactly what the heart wants to. 

Lo states, “I always felt insecure about how emotional I was. Every person I was with I loved to hard, or they loved too little. I always felt like something was wrong with me because I just couldn’t stay out of my feelings. But one day I realized my emotions are a blessing because they’re the reason I can write so well.” With that mindset, Lo began to write her single Take It, which takes listeners on a trip from rags to riches. Lo states “Take it is a pure talk yo talk, walk yo walk song. I always wrote love songs, but I wanted to give people a look at who I am behind the emotions, where I come from, and who I’ve become.” Lo then dropped 2 singles “Into You” and “My Girl” putting a Chicago inspired, emotional spin on 2 famous Old School songs. 

When asked why she does music Lo expresses how she just wants to help people see that being emotional is okay. She says “ I spent too much of my life trying to be popular, now I just want to be different. I write music to help me get through situations, but what I realized is there’s probably one other person feeling the same way I am; and when you see that you’re not going through a situation alone, it makes it easier to deal with. That’s how I want my music to impact other people.” Life comes with it’s ups and downs, and Lo endorses that it’s important to remember that when there’s a bump in the road, because then the bump looks smaller. 

There’s a glimpse of hope in every long song Lo writes, because “you should love and live while you can, despite your past experiences, There’s comfort in every heartbreak song because heartbreak ends and you will love again. There’s a message in every song.” Lo is currently preparing to drop a single on 8/23 called “Wine 4 Me,” that is hip moving dance song she says was inspired by her time in Miami. She is working on dropping an EP in February that will contain love songs and vibes for the Holiday, in hopes of finding the fan base that really relates to her music.

“I just want to motivate people,” Lo expresses, “It’s not soft, everybody has emotions. I’m not a singer or a rapper, I’m a sapper. My goal is to make every listener in tune  with their feelings, even the ones that normally aren’t.”
Though she was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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