Keith Trotter Jr “Empty Crown”

King K was Born Keith Alexander Trotter Jr in the City of Aurora Illinois on December 22nd, 1995. From the time he was born King was always doing things different from the rest of his peers. From his taste of music to the amount of work ethic he puts toward any subject, King shows himself apart from the rest of the social packs that clump together to make his historic cultural background. Moving Schools after Elementary, Jr(as that would later be his nickname) moved from Aurora to Naperville, where he attended most of middle school and High School. During his departure of Middle school and entry to Highschool Jr went to live with his dad Keith Sr, who Lived in Northern Wisconsin at the time. Throughout his Time in Wisconsin He went through A life changing experience with his family that made him decide to move back to Illinois after his Freshman Year at St. Croix Central High School. 

In the Year 2012 at Age 16 was when the boy Turned into a man, Getting his first Summer Job after Sophomore year at the Schaumburg Boomers Minor League Baseball Stadium. Working with his Uncle, Damon Neal, Keith Jr was shown how the real world works and opened up doors for himself through his hard work and dedication to his craft. During that same summer going into His Junior Year, King Had no Idea what he really wanted to pursue as a career. His Grades continued to dwindle, His attitude swung violently due to puberty, and on top of that he couldn’t stop thinking about music. Keith Sr. was also a Musician, a wonderful singer, but for personal reasons his father's dream was cut short. With open opportunity Jr managed to muster up enough courage to venture alone into the streets of Chicago to find himself linking up with the CEO of Highly Determined Music Group (HDClique Records) NiXta. With the help of NiXta and his engineering skills King K dropped his very first track which was a Remix to a Famous Song by chicago trap artist by the name of Lil Reese called “US” under the name Vito KJr. 

Not hitting the billboards as imagined, King never gave up on his ambition to become the greatest rapper of all time, however it did give him a serious halt on the music scene. Jump forward 2 years and Keith Jr has Graduated High School and added hip hop dance to his reputation and brought himself to the idea of triple majoring in Business Law, Management, and Music. Feeling confident and ready to take on the challenge of Higher Education, Jr still lacked to mental focus to keep his grades up, henceforth only completing a semester's worth of college after 2 semesters and 4 long years of financial suspencion and taking breaks for work and you guessed music. Constantly writing, constantly critiquing himself, constantly trying to find himself, King refrained from doing anything productive for himself until 2018. In 2018 He found himself working with both of his Uncles, working as a personal assistant to his youngest uncle who has Multiple Sclerosis and as praise and worship Leader to the other who is the pastor of One Kingdom Worship Ministries in Bolingbrook IL.

During the span of six years Vito KJr changed his name to King K and dropped his hit single  “Flat Bed Freestyle”. Although his revamp has been a slow process, watching him progress from just another rapper to defining himself as an artist and branching out his horizons into more than just the rap game has been a remarkable and miraculous journey into the unknown. King K has been on a roll since the start of 2019, moving to the Great State of Texas in February to pursue his Music Career further by Joining his Oldest brother Jrue, who is a writer, music engineer and all around techno wizard to say the least. 

His most recent accomplishments have been making connections not only in chicago with PVSTCK, but also in Deep Ellum Dallas, and starting working behind the scenes with names such as ODXO, Phenomenal Lewis, Rockiiit Powers own Tha Peace and Criiipa, Graphic Muzik, and SM Tracks and that’s just the beginning of this troubadours journey. His New single “Prada” which he believes will go down as another classic in Hip Hop History has been making all the headlines as of late as he prepares to finally drop his long awaited mixtape “EMPTY CROWN” which will feature all new music as he emphasizes on bringing fresh new content with every project and vows to stay independent throughout his entire music career. 

More on his dance moves at a Later date, or you can catch him in action at any moment, all you have to do is turn on the jams and turn up the hype. Trust and believe he can do everything from popping to Krump, and the List goes on. If you want to know anything Else about this guy, he recommends taking time to listen to every lyric he spits at any and every pace. He says it’s the best way to catch him at his most raw and vulnerable state.
Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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