Versatile musician and producer Phillip Saenz cannot be categorized

From dropping music on all platforms, to live loop sessions on Youtube, Phillip Saenz is one  of very few artists that releases music for multiple genres, and its definitely something to  behold.  

“I like all types of music, so I make all types of music. I’m a musician. I don’t classify myself  as a rapper or a rocker or anything like that. We’re not that simple.’, says Phillip when asked  what categories his music should fall under.    

While his song ‘Virus on Earth’ is a heavy metal track about Earth retaliating against the virus-  like human race; his song ‘Ya Ya’, is pure hip-hop with its own tribal like sound and bars that    make you want to learn every line. ‘You Tear Me Down’ is a slow acoustic jam that many  people can relate to. His latest release ‘Look Good’, has a grunge, rock, and almost techno feel  to it that gets you pumped. No matter what’s your style, or musical taste, Phillip Saenz has a  song for almost anyone.  

Born and raised in San Antonio, TX, Phillip taught himself everything he knows about music  theory, playing instruments, and music production with lots of help from the internet.

“If it wasn’t for the internet, I probably wouldn’t be able to do this stuff on my own. Seems like anyone can learn and do anything they want nowadays.”, says Phillip Saenz.

Starting off on guitar at the age of 14, Phillip fell in love with music and played guitar as much as he could. He later learned scales, music theory, and started writing his own music. Around the age of 24, now on his own, he was able to buy his own instruments, and learned to play bass, drums, keyboard and whatever other instruments he could afford or get his hands on. He now produces all his music and content from his home studio in west San Antonio, where he lives with his wife, Ashley, and their son, Lium. Working a full time job, running a resale business on the side, and being there for his family might leave some wondering when he has time to produce music. He is definitely a busy man, with the heart of a hustler. The ability to play almost any instrument he puts his hands on really helps when making music this eclectic. He is what some might consider a jack of all trades in the music industry.

“I never thought I would be recording and producing my own music. I’ve just always played instruments cause it was fun. Ive been in a few like heavy metal bands, but that never really worked out. One day I found out that I could record music on my iPhone, and that’s when the producing started. It’s so much easier doing it myself.”, says Phillip.

From Fitzgerald’s Bar and Live Music Venue to Quartermain’s Pub, plenty of venues in the San Antonio area have had the pleasure of having Phillip Saenz perform on their stages thanks to Gridhouse 210’s Artist and Promoter, Robert ‘Chachizmo’ Parra. When Phillip is on stage, he certainly has lots of energy. If you haven’t seen him perform you are definitely in for a surprise. He could be dropping heavy bars one minute, and singing to a rock ballad the next. It’s this feeling of what is he gonna do, or drop next that gets people interested.

Phillip has produced music for artist like C-Roe, and Turbo ThaKidd, and has he mixed and mastered tracks for many others. He has also worked with Artist, Producer, and long time friend Maeka and has produced music for Photographer and Videographer Rico Olguin.

Weather its performing on stage at a venue, or just messing around in his home studio, one thing is certain; Phillip Saenz has a passion for music, and he is not stopping anytime soon.
Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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