J Balvin Drops Off New Single "Tu Veneno"

 J Balvin has come through with his new single "Tu Veneno," the second track from his forthcoming studio album. 

Colombian artist J Balvin, who has proven himself worthy of the superstar moniker with a grand total of fifty-three gold and platinum plaques, has officially delivered a brand new single called "Tu Veneno." Produced by the tandem of Sky Rompiendo and Taiko, the melodic track once again Balvin's versatility as he takes to the methodical beat with an introspective tone. Even those who aren't fluent in Spanish will likely discern much from Balvin's emotive performance.
Alongside "Ma G," which a few weeks ago at the end of February, "Tu Veneno" is set to appear on Balvin's upcoming project, about which he has revealed next to nothing. Still, considering the pace with which he's firing off new music, don't be surprised to see a proper announcement land in the imminent future. Last we heard a full album from Balvin, he was dropping off Colores back in March of 2020. Sonically, "Ma G" and "Tu Veneno" speak to a different tone altogether, and it should be exciting to see what he brings to the table next. 

Checkk out the latest from J Balvin now, and sound off if you're down with the Colombian megastar. 


Porque yo soy tu veneno, tu veneno, 
Te hago mal, pero qué bueno 
cuando lo hacemo', yeah-eh 
Enn ti me puse a pensar, en toda' esa' 
bellaqueras cuando conmigo estabas 
Séé que te sientes igual y extrañas cuando 
encima me brincabas

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