Chelsea Klein is an artist to keep your eye on

After her fifth release, Chelsea Klein is no longer just a new voice on the scene. Honing her range and talents with the help of celebrity vocal coach, Nick Cooper, Chelsea is learning to find herself through her music. 

A passion kept secret from even those closest to her, singing never felt like something achievable to Chelsea, until it did. After following all of societies rules for what to do with your life, she took a sharp turn and risked it all to pursue her true dream of writing and recording music. The growth with this particular artist can be very clearly seen across the course of her current discography. Themes of high-vibes and positivity mature into sounds of deep hurt and contemplation with tones of the realization that she had coming into her true self. Chelsea feels deeply and loves deeply, her music is a direct testament to the heart and soul she possess. Kind, nurturing, and genuinely invested in those in those of the lives around her, Chelsea brings her all in every relationship as she does her music. 

Her second to last single, Gravity, stood as a pivotal point in the shifting direction of Chelsea’s music. Developing and exposing a more raw side, we were given some insights into some of the struggles the young singer has faced in her personal and love life. Clearly the shift was widely received as Gravity quickly amassed over 100,000 streams on Spotify. Chelsea’s singles take off on streaming platforms as well as national and international radio stations; becoming a quick favorite on the vibrant radios of Brazil. 

Continuing with her path of tremendous growth, Karma shows us an edgier, unhinged side of Klein. A sort of “watch out I’ll get you” vibe - and we are here for it. Backdropped with the hauntingly dark vibes of Halloween and all things occult, Chelsea takes us on a torturous journey of her revenge on all the boys she’s loved before. Showcasing a new range of vocals and a general darker vibe, it’s working for her. 

Hidden behind Chelsea’s cute and bubbly pop-star demeanor, lies someone deeply interested in horror, serial killers and all things true crime. Karma is a glimpse into the mind of a girl who is, without a doubt, much more than meets the eye. 

Chelsea Klein is an artist to keep your eye on. With nowhere to go but up, Chelsea plans to take her fans on a journey of progression, not only musically, but personally, as she continues to overcome the insecurities and fears we all have. She is, to put simply, a force to be had and glimpses of her upcoming works are a testament to such.

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