The international journey of South Korea born and NYC actor Jinho Woo

Jinho Woo started his career when he was 13 years old, and he knew at that time that performing was what he wanted to do. Performing has been where Jinho put all his work, efforts and passion into ever since.

In a few years, the young Jinho Woo got to participate in 10 full productions up until his graduation in 2013, including playing one of the most challenging role for any actor :‘Sorin’, in the production of ‘The Seagull’ by Anton Chekhov.

That performing accomplishment was the confirmation that he had what it takes to become the international and highly respected actor he now is...

In 2013, his career took off when he got cast in the musical "Fanta-stick", an open run show in Seoul in which the unconventional fusion of Korean traditional music operates with western music. Jinho Woo performed for a year in the acclaimed show produced by Haera Inc. and directed by Shin Jong-Hyun.

This experience led him to perform and tour from 2014 to 2016 in the musical "Tracyparty", a production that toured annually for 8 years.

Jinho Woo has been playing major roles in international theatre and film productions.Based in New York City since several years, Jinho Woo never stopped performing, and got to work with some of the most influential and talented people in his field, such as award-winning director Moisés Kaufmanthe, founder and artistic director of Tectonic Theater Project.

Jinho’s journey is inspiring and it’s always exciting to see him being featured in new projects. And there are actually a few to expect!Sources say that Jinho Woo will be featured in the web series FCK, directed by award winning director Sarah Young, as well as in the film "Happy" and the web series"Drama School » as lead character.All 3 projects will be submitted to various film festivals.It’s important to note that the director for those 3 projects, Sarah Young, received awards for the short film "In Case We Get Found" as Best Original Story by the FLOW Film Festival and Market, Best Drama 5:01 by the Couch Film Festival in Ontario Canada and Best Drama by the New York Movie Awards.

Restless performer and amazing actor, Jinho Woo was also featured earlier this year in three short plays, in the short plays festival "The Living Room Stories", produced by the Brooklyn-based theatre company "Root Beer Occasion".The plays were performed, filmed, and broadcasted online, un-cut, with real-time performance, real-time set changes, real-time stakes, just like real theatre! The plays featured tremendous performances by actors: Kalonjee Gallimore, Jessie Rae Jordan, Lisette Santiago, Logan Alexis Troyer, and Jinho Woo himself.

Nothing seems to stop Jinho Woo in his successful and busy career, as he will be featured as the lead character once more, as‘Trent Seong’ in the American featured film "A Place In The Dark". The movie, produced by Ifé Creative Works, is directed by the prestigious and award winning director, Robert O. Peters, a famous Nigerian film producer, director,and cinematographer, best known for directing the 2014 Nollywood breakout movie "30Days in Atlanta" as well as the movies Shades of Attractions (2015), Boxing Day (2016) and A trip to Jamaica (2016).

"A Place In The Dark" was filmed in the summer of 2019 in Boca Raton/Miami FL and it’s in its final stage of post-production.We heard that it will be submitted to film festivals in Jan 2021 and streamed on major platforms... we can’t get more excited to see Jinho Woo on screen again soon!

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