Justice: An Ode to Injustice

It's About More Than Just the Music for Victorious Vic as he Releases, "Justice" 

Talented up and coming Hip-hop artist, Victorious Vic releases a record with a message in his single, “Justice.”Born into a multi-racial family, Victorious Vic was influenced since birth by his father Edward Hernandez, a Jazz Musician extraordinaire that specializes in woodwind instruments. Hailing from Sacramento, California, he first began to learn music at an extremely young age but it wasn’t until his teenage years that he began composing his own musical productions and trying his hand at writing songs.

Victorious Vic has a goal set out for himself of reflecting his own intellect, emotions, and life experiences through his music that he hopes to share with the world. “Justice,” is garnering attention from people all over and the message he radiates is exactly why.

“Justice,” opens with the empowering chants from protests nationwide. This up-tempo record that carries bass-heavy components will have you grooving to the beat and ready to brace yourself for a powerful message to be sent through your headphones. The title of the song says it all. This song is about injustice and the Black Lives Matter movement across the world. It shines a light on pressing, real-life issues that are happening everywhere and shows us exactly why we can’t turn the other cheek and have to stand up for what is right. We need to demand Justice.

The clear and present vocalization of Victorious Vic’s delivery adds an extra oomph to the triumphant message he is getting across through his carefully crafted lyrics. This approach takes us back to the old school roots of Hip-hop where spreading awareness is what sets you apart.

His deep lyricism and ability to transport us into his own mindset is exceptional. You can hear the passion behind each word performed as it creates an audible expedition from the start to finish of “Justice.” Victorious Vic has set his sights on making meaningful music for the world to hear and he is off to a devoting start on his journey thus far.

“Justice Ft. Showtyme” Is Available on all platforms. 

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