OPULENT RICHES cliché is, “RETRO REBORN” Via mixing OldSchool flavor with a New-Skool Punch

Jahi Issa Jabri Ali-Bey, known professionally as, OPULENT RICHES. Born on the 29 th of February makes him the Leap Year baby of the Rap game. A South Philadelphia native who has an assorted background. He's a universal artist of great diversity. Founder and owner of, M.A.F.I.A. Management; Making A Future In Artist, P.U.B. Publishing Company, Zorion Global and Above the Rim International. He’s and established songwriter, holds several design patents, inventor, publisher, accomplished author, up-scale shoe designer, he has an Opulent Riches sport clothing line, automotive wheel and grill designer, rapper/songwriter, ASCAP member & Rights activist, and philanthropist. He performed at the prestigious “Trilogy” night club in Philadelphia, “Clef Club” of Jazz and Performing arts, “Aries” night club, His management company booked celebrity guest appearances at Dudes Boutique, Platinum Ice jewelry store. He was featured on Poze Productions radio, and ITNS radio. Opulent Riches entered an ASCAP song writing contest, winner yet to be determined for 2019. He has an Instagram following of 8k plus and growing rapidly. He started rapping as a reference track pseudo rapper, his passion for ghost writing lead him to actually becoming the artist that he is today. 

This all started when one of his friends/record producer, RocK Young Bey aka “THE CHAIRMAN” was playing a track and OPULENT loved it so much that he asked “THE CHAIRMAN” to give it to him to see what he could do with it. Instead of submitting the material he wrote to managers, publishers and the like. He decided to keep the material and make a far more lucrative income by representing the material himself as an artist and OPULENT RICHES was born. Soon after he linked up with his cousin Robert Goodmond aka “NOSO” founder of MCMC INC. and they collaborated and recorded potential hits like, “Same Ole Chick” “I’m Lovin It” “The End” “Jealous Girl” and many more tunes that will stand the test of time.

The  essence of his theme centers on the philthy rich, hence the name, "OPULENT RICHES." His cliché is, "RETRO REBORN" Via mixing Old- School flavor with a New-Skool Punch. The up and coming release of his first CD is, "SODOM & GOMORRAH." OPULENT RICHES is going to release an official debut single from his SODOM & GOMORRAH CD. His camp has not decided which song he wants to debut as a single but it’s sure to be a head-banger. From a managerial prospective, OPULENT knows an artist is only as good as their last hit so he endeavors to make classics that can leave a lasting impression on his fans for years to come whereby simultaneously paving the way to create a systemic legacy for his family and culture. OPULENT RICHES plans on collaborating projects with all genres of music and using music to bridge the gap in the world-wide racial divide bringing humanity closer together as one spiritual unit through his music. 

His management team is putting a package together to submit to the USO to do an overseas tour for the four main branches of the military with hopes to bring tranquility to all the brave veterans that put their lives on the line for our freedom. So hang on to your seats and wait for the long anticipated release, tour dates, his shoes, sneakers, clothing line and more. The substance of hip-hop is back! OPULENT RICHES is coming to an EAR near you.

Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's January/February 2020 issue 11, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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