AMD1 brings a a refreshingly real combination of lyricism and flow in work..

Out of Houston Texas comes a dynamic producer by the name of AMD-1 (Assassin Mentally Destroyin 1’s mind). Her style has been often compared with the style of WUTang clan’s Robert “RZA” Diggs. AMD-1 is Native American, Hispanic, and Filipina mix. Since the tender age of 9 “Amd-1” has been consumed with the hip hop genre of music. She has been inspired by some of the most legendary pioneers of hip hop such as Lona “MC Lyte” Moorer, Shawn “MC Shan” Moltke, and the ultra legend group and pioneers of hip hop Run DMC to name a few. AMD-1 (Producer/ CEO of “Mazdeluzionz”/ Lyricist) began trying her hands at being a Lyricist, and later found herself composing Beats. After MCing several events, using the 808’s, and 909 kick-drums along with the Diff Hardware, AMD-1 knew that this was her vocation. 

What solidified it for her was when, Su-preme producer of WuTang Clan’s, “Sun of man,” was impressed with AMD-1’s lyrical skills. Later, AMD-1 began to immerse herself into the beat-making world and to surround herself with with a crew of 5 forming a company that is now known as “Mazdeluzionz”, of which she is CEO. The company has done so well they have now formed another company known as TIME (The Inner Movement Ent) boasting of close to 15 members; a main Headliner: Purgatory/Shadow/ Darkside/ Afterlife/ Sean Hittz Da Hitman/ Kidd Da Kidnappa. AMD-1 considers herself a born Leader and The Empress of “Mazdeluzionz”. She has wisely used her ability to lead to develop a marketing team, a promotions team, engineering, and herself producer. She has managed to put together a very progressive team of people of which she leads in the efforts to build MAZDELUZIONZ & T.I.M.E. in Assoc. w/ P.A.I.D. 4 GRFX into an empire.

Though she was featured in recently released Lifoti's January/February 2020 issue 11, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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