Mackenzie’s ability that has led to her reputation as a melody driven songwriter

Mackenzie turned professional in the summer of 2016 after graduating high school. Mackenzie remembers being only four years old and knowing this was what she wanted to do with her life. She also remembers keeping those thoughts secret through her grade school years as peers and even teachers told her no-one becomes a professional singer. However, no other life plan presented itself. Mackenzie was nicknamed “Hummingbird” as a young child as she often played alone and could be heard humming made up melodies to herself. 

It is this natural ability that has led to her reputation as a melody driven song writer. In the last few years Mackenzie’s musical journey has “taken off” and, at times, seems to be blessed. Mackenzie’s journey has taken her to performances in the cities of Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, Austin, Los Angeles, and Nashville. Her talent has brought her interest from professionals in The US, England, and Ireland.Mackenzie toured Nashville in July of 2017 with Artie Kornfeld (The Woodstock Fest. founder and former VP at Capitol Records) after being noticed by Artie’s agent. During this trip she met with Nashville based producer Bill McDermott and a working relationship was founded. Through Bill, Mackenzie has met and written with top Nashville writers that have earned distinctions such as being grammy nominated, CMA nominated, and being BMI’s top money earner. 

Mackenzie has since branched out and worked with other production teams and producers in Music City. Mackenzie currently performs between the cities of Chicago and Madison as well as continued work in Nashville.Mackenzie discovered her instrumental abilities at the age of 14 when she picked up a guitar out of boredom and proceeded to teach herself to play. Mackenzie has also added some ukulele and banjo to her repertoire of instruments played; however, her voice is what has set her apart. Her voice has been applauded by industry insiders like John Oates (Hall N Oates), Artie Kornfeld, Chris Gantry (former writer for Johnny Cash and Glen Campbell), and Courtney Burns (Senior Talent Producer at The Voice). 

Mackenzie has also had more than 20 of her songs picked up for radio play. In December of 2018, Mackenzie’s talent was recognized and she was awarded a grant funded by The National Endowment for The Arts to aid her in developing her craft in 2019. Mackenzie recently released a CD (Ready For Change) and three full videos with one being shot in Nashville and the other Two in Chicagoland and Southern Wisconsin. She continues to explore professional partnerships in Nashville and beyond and is thankful to the so many folks who have seen something in her and blessed her path along the way! The Mackenzie O’Brien Band is also now available for booking and they look forward to a busy schedule in 2020!

Though she was featured in recently released Lifoti's January/February 2020 issue 11, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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