Fear Bound - Putting the 'Dread' into Melodic Death Metal

If you weren't aware, annually since Bloodstock's inception in 2005, the festival have arranged regional band competitions across the UK and Europe seeing metal acts of all sub-genres battle it out for a chance to play on the New Blood stage that coming year.

This process is no easy task though, there are so many talented acts out there waiting in the wings for a chance for you to lend there ears. This article in particular focuses on the band titled 'Fear Bound' a melodic death metal outfit from Cambridgeshire UK. It wasn't their first foray into the 'Metal to the masses" competition (it was their third!) so it's arguable they had earned their stripes ahead of this years competition.
They approached this years competition with a slightly newer line-up. Their previous drummer Jack couldn't commit to the group anymore and bowed out gracefully late 2018. Andy, of the guitarists called and old friend from a previous band to step in and take the reins. They also threw live keyboards into the mix with the assistance of a stalwart reliable Craig. They prepped their set and smashed their way through the competition, giving a the lucky crowd's an early taste of dread sullen tones.
We really didn't think we were going to make it through to the final, let alone win the competition. Our drummer actually had a family holiday booked to Spain when the final took place and our guitarist was set to get married the following day..." so it really goes to show, the universe is a jerk.
 Fear Bound are a 5 piece Melodic Dread Metal outfit from Cambridgeshire, with a range of influences noting Devin Townsend and Children of Bodom in particular. The music of Fear Bound consists of intricate dueling guitar wizardry, an unrelenting assault of bass and drums, soaring keyboards, and vocals oozing with dread. Also sometimes accordions and other nonsense. 

Fear Bound recorded and released their 3rd, and most dread leaden album “Seize The Day” in June 2018 and are currently working on new material and, hopefully, a new gimmick. Originally formed in 2011, the full line up was only finally realised in 2019 with the arrival of Alex Townsend on drums and the completely new addition of Craig Burkitt, on Keyboards. Fear Bound is consist Alex Wight (Bass & Vocals), Will Smythe (Guitar), Andy Coles (Guitar), Craig Burkitt (Keyboards) and Alex Townsend (Drums).

Though they was featured in recently released Lifoti's January/February 2020 issue 11, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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