Instead let’s try to focus on the superb artistry that is JFK

Brooklyn born and raise Miami, Florida, JFK wants you to forget everything you know about the over saturated world of hip hop. Forget that the status is currently filled with mumble rappers, lyricism is almost extinct, producers and artists are in a constant battle to outshine one another and egos rule the world. Instead let’s try to focus on the superb artistry that is JFK. Back again to showcase his bold demeanor and undeniable talent to the world, JFK has his foot on the gas pedal with now signs of slowing down. 

JFK’s new single “STRIVE” blows all other hip-hop out of the water. Hard hitting bass right off the bat has us vibing hard alongside JFK. His expert bars weave through his spectacular lyricism as he tells a metaphorical story for his fans. JFK uses his smooth lyricals transitions to prove his clever excellence. He rides the beat effortlessly as he flawlessly delivers a catchy hook, consistent bars, and an absolute summer smash! “STRIVE” boasts the confidence and talent that every top dog in hiphop should exude. The pleasure of checking out the amazing lyrical gift that is JFK and with each listen find more versatility in his sound. “Get It Lit,” finds the young rapper setting the summer up with a nostalgic sounding anthem for the millennials. 

The instrumentation on this one is really catchy but also reminiscent of the summer of 2000 when music was fun. (Think 504 Boyz Wobble Wobble.) It’s not only bass driven, it’s a cornucopia of creativity. J.F.K’s quit witted chorus, fun lyricism, and slightly arrogant bounce are just little reminders that hip hop doesn’t have to be so serious. JFK Is Back With His New Summer Banger “STRIVE” While his first single “Strive,” was a little more on the metaphorical word play side with multiple transitions, “Get It Lit,” is the flip side of that. It’s versatility at its best and in the midst of the infamous, “Hot Girl Summer,”  J.F.K drops this one right on time.

Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's January/February 2020 issue 11, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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  1. this track is in my top 10 tracks keep pushin dj.poppy