Weathered Wall have proved themselves as very capable and prolific writers.

Graffiti on a Wall. Slogans or a statement of History, of politics, of loves gained or lost. Messages sprayed or painted to make a statement that is there for all time. A mark that says I am here, I exist. Weathered like the scratched out graffiti 'John was here 1647' on some old castle wall. Journeys leading from experimental electronic and synth based music, too indie/Alternative rock. An expression of images, ideas, feelings, thoughts transformed into rhythmic sound and expression.

 That was the concept  for the name Dean gave to the band/Project of Weathered Wall. The name itself from a title of a David Sylvian track. A canvas for Deans musical compositions of dark wave soundtracks or pop, rock songs and releases. covering subjects of history, vampires, zombies, politics, love, hate, war. 

 Weathered Wall is Dean Burnett. Composer, writer/Lyricist, keyboard player, guitars, Rhythm programming, vocals. Formally of bands such as Japanese whispers and The Tower. 

The band/Project currently has Dug Dale, Guitars, Co-Composer, and Coral Cross, Vocals, Guitars and composer, as members. But membership can swap around. Weathered Wall write tunes for general release as well as music for film and TV. These cover  all manner of other styles. 

As a writer/composer, Dean has been involved in the music industry for 40 years. been a member of three or four bands, been on lots of Radio and tv channels with interviews and plays, toured and is constantly writing new material. 

Weathered Wall has yet to play live, and it's something that they want too do, but at present with all the material, studio time and practicality, it's a little out of reach for the time being.

They have achieved some notable success with Radio play, and record/download sales around the globe And are quite well known amongst the higher echelons of the music industry as well as getting more recognition in the film and TV soundtrack world. All of which is continuously being built upon.
With Several Album and single releases to their name, as well as soundtracks to TV programs and documentaries, Weathered Wall have proved themselves as very capable and prolific writers. Often praised for there work from all sides of the industries. also writing for and with other artists around the world.

The band itself has just recently released the track 'You Always give up' Featuring the voice of Coral and guitars of Dug. Words and music by Dean. This has received a lot of airplay around the world and some very favorable reviews and is the pre release to their forth coming album 'Reflections' Which the guys are at present finishing writing of the last few tracks. Hopefully done by November, this year, the band will then be of to the recording studio for finally mixes and mastering. With a view for an early new year release. They have just covered a 'David Bowie' track 'Rock n Roll suicide', in tribute to one of the main influences of their music.Their influences are as wide and varied as their own music. From David Sylvian to Depeche mode, from Linkin park to Marilyn Manson. From Kate bush to Toyah. The list is endless.

 After this, and with work already started, the guys will be working on a spoken voice album, to be titled 'Moss covered voices' which will include working with some big names from the music scene. That's being kept under wraps for the time being. Though it's pretty exciting times for the band. Meanwhile there is still writing going on for various film and TV products and general library music for the publishing companies Weathered Wall are signed too. 

The future also holds a possible name change as Weathered Wall becomes purely 'Dean Burnett' though other artists will still be involved in the playing and writing of the music. Some of the work already out so far include: Black Blood, Dead Walking, Josephine, Breath, Faithless,Dark Seed,You Always Give Up, Close your Eyes, Needles, The History of Graffiti.

Currently the band are working on 'Reflections' which is the follow on and includes a version of 'You Always give up' their current release. So it's a busy time with writing further tracks, studio time, mixing and mastering, video production in plan. Having received some favorable reviews and some good airplay A new mix and video are planned for later this year.
Though the Weathered Wall was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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