Motion the Gates bring new energy from PA

Out of southeast Pennsylvania, Motion the Gates is a group of seasoned musicians who have been in the game for many years in all types of bands.  They bring with them a new energy to play a heavy and layered commercially viable form of post-metal, reminiscent of Isis (the band), Russian Circles, or even newer Deftones’. The band began as a side project for Lukas JP, lead singer of the Nomad Clientele, a ska/rock band out of West Chester PA.  Before moving to Colorado, Lukas started writing the early Motion the Gates albums back in 2013 and then recruited great musicians for shows in area.  Shortly after leaving, the project went dormant until Lukas JP, Ryan Estrada (Candiflyp, Nomad Clientele), and Robert Lepor (Hellrad, Brain Candle, Stay Down) got together to begin working on new songs and playing again back in Philly. Recently, Chris Ash (Smacking Madison) who played in the same scene, joined the band as the guitarist and fourth member.  

            Motion the Gates draws influence from many styles or music, ranging from Helmet, Sade, Isis, Bad Brains, Steel Pulse, Harvey Milk, Megadeth, Power Trip and many more.  However, one aspect of the music is important to the band which is to create simple, selective, and patient songs.  Although the band plays heavy music, they draw from the ideologies of bands like Sade, who craft purposefully simple songs that are easily palpable for the listener, but have minor elements that make them musically interesting.  This can be heard in tracks like “Nameless Faceless” which is an 8 minute long post-metal opus that has only a handful of changes but moves like a wave, building to the end, and culminating in a heavy breakdown that adds one measure to break the monotony.  Likewise, there are not many lyrics in the song, but when the vocals hit they are laced with rich harmonies that guide the listener towards a powerful and epic conclusion.  The lyrics are also metaphorical and can be heard in a variety of ways, putting interpretation in the hands of the listener. 

            Other tracks from the band draw from 80’s trash/metal tracks, like “Decades”, a song about war veterans that has pulsing, palm muted guitars, and driving rhythms.  Other songs like “Dirty” are slow, sludgy doom metal inspired pieces that give respects to bands like the Melvins. Yet, as you listen to the discography, at times powerful songs with major chords enter the speakers.  For example, on the tracks “Same” and “Young” Motion the Gates offer music that sounds like epics from a movie, building to crescendos that send chills up your spine as the distorted guitars, vocal harmonies, and heavy drums hit.

            After relocating from Colorado, the band has to start fresh in Philly, and is just beginning to reignite their journey.  They just released new t-shirts and promotional photos as they work towards putting out their latest album “Aperti” which will enter most digital platforms in October.  They continue to write new tracks and have several live shows coming up.  Keep an eye out for this band, because they certainly will bring a raw, high energy experience if they come to your area, and at bare minimum check out their digital content because most of it is currently free for download which may not last for long.  Motion the Gates has serious potential to enter the metal scene and draw attention, so seek them out now from the start.
Though the band was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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