Meet With The artist at DarVin Records

The artist at DarVin Records are not your usual popular artist. What makes them different? Well, for starters, their music is pure. In their songs you usually don't hear any synthesized vocals and reverbed sound effects. What you hear is energetic music that simple makes you want to dance and puts a smile on your face. This is largely due to the fact that their music is clean, without cursing, violence free, hard-hitting, fun and dance inciting, which is a refreshing break from almost everything we hear on the radio or streaming these days. A.C. Vini-Vince is an artist, producer, songwriter, studio engineer, and artist manager when needed, for DarVin Records. Born in New York, he is solely responsible for all of the music that is published for the label. D. Medley, from New Jersey, is a vocalist and artist consultant for the label. When not busy with label management duties she is belting out lyrics over music produced by Vince, which is mostly motivational and energetic. 

On her song "Love Yourself (House Version)", she encourages one to love themselves no matter what others say, do, or think. This song ends with a powerful beat that shakes the clubs and has been a DJ favorite since it's release on April 10th, 2019. Her next Single, "Soulmate" which is set for release in late August, slows down the pace and shows off her wide range of vocal skills and simple informs us of what we should expect and deserve in a relationship. Vince does an excellent job of proving he is a solid, multi-genre producer, by giving us grammy worthy production on this ballad. The music is so emotional it almost makes you want to shed tears of joy. D. Medley's amazing voice simply makes this project one that is sorely needed right now. 

They team up again on another D. Medley release titled "Ex's". This song is very danceable, has a message, and tells a funny story. If they keep this up they are sure to be names you will hear in the music industry in the near future. A.C. Vini-Vince, when not producing and writing for other artists, is no stranger to releasing projects with messages that are out of the box. He set the stage with his first release titled "Free Hip-Hop", which basically encourages rappers to have more thoughtful content in their work to put it gently. D. Medley sings a deep, sultry hook on this song, "Cars, money, sex, drugs, crimes, rims, jewels, clubs", that's make's you mic your head. It has an old school beat, flavor and a message many rappers may want to take heed. Vince says, 

This was done on purpose so people could focus on the lyrics. So many times nowadays it's the other way around where the beat is the main focus of the song and the words are just empty messages about something trivial. We always try to have lyrics which are thought provoking, send a positive message, have humor, and is motivational.

To date all of his songs are different. His production is great and it doesn't sound like anything you are hearing today, but it's good at the same time. 

The hardest part of my production is trying to make music that is different from the mainstream, but at the same time worthy of a listener's attention. There are a lot of great rappers today and I like most of today's artists, but let's be honest they mostly rap about the same topics, just in different ways. We didn't want to make "cookie-cutter" music. We wanted to be distinct. We know it's an uphill battle, but we love music and we will continue to put out what we consider to be good music. 

Their music is different and enjoyable at the same time, which is a unique quality that's sometimes difficult to attain and maintain. Vince's current releases all sound different, but have a strong vocals and uncommon beats that seem to be a trademark of his production style. This method has the DarVin Records team collecting more fans, followers and friends on a daily basis. Their numbers have grown steadily since their first release. What's more exciting is that their music is actually getting better and they have material for about 12  more projects ready to record. They can't record fast enough. 

We actually keep coming up with new ideas for new projects before we can go with those 12 and we just keep recording new ones. We keep those 12 as our "aces in the hole" should our creativity hit a snag or a lull" Laughs Vince. 

The DarVin Records teams is putting out good projects on a steady basis and slowly catching the attention of people in the music world. They are currently working with other artists such as "Nikita Kymm" and "Rich Young Fly" on projects that will certainly expand the range and variety of music they release. They are proud that they are independent and don't have any influences or pressure to produce music they don't believe in. This creative freedom has allowed them to give a fresh new sound to a lot of bored ears in the music industry.

Though they was featured in recently released Lifoti's January/February 2020 issue 11, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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