The MZ BAILEY From Devastation to Salvation

From her humble beginnings, Teri has used her remarkable resilience, growth and perseverance to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming an artist. She knows that sharing her story will help you understand how she has come to your attention as a vocalist.

Mz Bailey’s connection to music was born from the grief of early childhood experience — forced into the foster care system, enduring unspeakable abuse and violence. She sought comfort in the loving arms of music. So she truly understands why the caged bird sings — because of a longing for the internal joy that can’t be suppressed by the circumstances of real life. It is a way to express and surround itself in beauty while living in a not so beautiful world. The void created by the unknown of her biological family filled with a passion in her to not only find and embrace herself, in spite of this trauma. For her, this was music. She sang to the radio, the record player, the television — all to escape the emotional pain of the unknown.

As she matured into middle school, opportunities to sing came from choir and church. Her amazing talents and gifts were swiftly recognized and embraced, garnering her acknowledgement and accolades from teachers, peers, and those closest to her. Fueled by a previously unknown love and support, she persevered through high school where even more opportunities knocked. She discovered and competed in show choir as the sole female freshman. She competed in A.C.T.S.O – (Academic Cultural Technological & Scientific Olympics), Solo and Ensemble, where she was awarded Best Female Vocalist. Such commendations further illuminated her dream by opening her eyes that it was, indeed, a reality.

Confidence gained through these experiences gave Mz Bailey the push she needed to burst into the recording studio, performing the classic “Summertime,” which led to the opportunity to record her first original song in collaboration with musicians of international recording and performing experience. Impressed by Mz Bailey’s soulful interpretation of the classic song in combination with her original vocal interpretation, they eagerly embraced her and helped her to hone her skills and confidence.

This recognition fanned her fire, but didn’t pay the bills for this single mom. Her inner entrepreneur took its turn when she started her own business. This allowed her to support her family while developing her repertoire and catalogue of original songs. Challenges continued to propel her passion. Closing the door on a difficult marriage dropped her back into music’s embrace, refocusing her lifelong ambition — enveloping single motherhood and music into her newly envisioned dream. Singing found its way into all areas of her life from lullabies to singing with her children to being woven into her business. She managed to incorporate competitions into her already busy life, which is where she rediscovered the notoriety and praise she deserved. Despite her growing popularity, she remained a grounded and devoted mother and friend to those closest to her. Family always came first, no matter what opportunity came knocking.

Mz Bailey encountered her next great opportunity in a chance meeting with a lifelong friend who told her about the Rising Stars competition that was being hosted locally. This gave her the chance to audition without being drawn away from her children. Her talents were  quickly recognized, leading to performances at Madison’s Overture Center’s Market Night — a premier showcase for national and international talents. This, in turn, led her to invitations to open for Jim Jones and El Hitta at the Barrymore Theater. Building on this foundation, Mz Bailey reentered the recording studio and emerged with her first compilation recording. Her efforts were swiftly recognized, leading to her first music video. Shackles was shot by videographer Arissa Washington and received an overwhelming 1600 views in its first few weeks. This was just the nudge Mz Bailey needed to realize it was time to jump in head first and embrace her dream wholeheartedly. She made the difficult decision to uproot her life and move to a venue that would offer significantly more potential success than she could ever hope to see in Wisconsin.

This is the Mz Bailey of today — a survivor, a mother, a great talent, and an amazing role model to show little girls everywhere that you can overcome absolutely anything and dreams do come true with hard work and perseverance.

Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's January/February 2020 issue 11, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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