Into the Life, Journey and Discovery of Wendy Clardy’s Gifts and Talents

Wendy Clardy, (Wendy) was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio and now lives in the state of Nevada, and brings noted recognition and numerous achievements as an educator, advocate, as well as a professional singer/recording artist and songwriter. 

Wendy, from ages 6-8, learned something special about herself, when she discovered watching television, and while others were performing musicals and singing, she shouted out to her grand-mother, stating “That’s where I’m supposed to be, that’s where I’m supposed to be!” However, her grandmother did not believe her and said to Wendy, “Go to bed.” Wendy’s feelings were hurt, but she was not discouraged. Everyday, she got the small fan down out of the closet and listened to the radio, and sang into it, to get the vibrato sound, while singing to any song she heard and whether she knew the song or not.

At 8 years old, her stepfather took Wendy to Ms. Mae Frances, home to be babysitted, and there, she learned further to sing, by her favorite cousin, Barbara Ann Blossomgame. She was older than Wendy and in Church singing. She taught Wendy how to sing to none other than Natalie Cole’s and Mavis Staples music and a few Gospel tunes to boot. Wendy and Barbara were inseparable, singing together, whenever she came over to be babysitted by her family. 

By the time Wendy turned 12, her mother came to get her to live with her. Her mother would always say to her “You’re too obsessive about singing,” because, Wendy talked music and singing; It hurt her that her mother did not support her, but that did not deter her. At age 14, Wendy secretly auditioned for a talent show at Monroe Junior High and won 2nd place, then at 18, auditioned for a talent show at the Tahiti Lounge and won 1st place. A talent show was showcased at Sawyer Recreation Center, Wendy auditioned and got the part, to sing “This Is My Night” by Chaka Khan, and met with Mr. Humphrey (Recreation Center Supervisor) and Dean Frances from the band called “Sun” and they arranged a spectacular stage presence for Wendy, to be the Spotlight of the show. When the show was over, she was renamed as “Tina Turner” because of her performance and legs, dancing across the stage.

In 1985-2004, a chain of events occurred that caused setbacks in Wendy’s life; from the death of her mother, to getting married, having children, then divorced, going through anxiety and depression; having her children removed from her custody; to regain them back, to losing her home to mortgage fraud; and lastly, having a heart attack. Wendy, had no support systems.

Within 4 years of recovery, Miss Clardy, is back on the scene again stronger than before, and on an incline of successes, starting with therapy, going to college at Columbus State Community College (CSCC), and end up winning an award for Women's Leadership; 2008 attended Ohio Broadcasting School to be aspired to become a radio/podcast host for WTMH Radio and Blog Talk Radio, as Lardy Miss Clardy, educating on how to go from victim to victor; interviewing music artists, book authors and other educators in various professions.

2010, Wendy meets a DJ, a singer/music producer named UniqueSoul and two Rappers, Tyrone Smalls and Bernard and she co-writes, sings and co-produces a song entitled “America.” 2014, Wendy Clardy, relocated to Moreno Valley California and became an advocate for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), and using her radio platform to help others overcome, anxiety and depression.

While in California, she reunites with her brother, Emmanuel Harper, BKA PushLoc. He was a producer of music, and with his home studio, he coerced Wendy, to sing and write to some music he produced, Wendy put lyrics to them, and they created 4 songs, entitled “ Move With U,” “Swagger,” “Jonsin,” and “It’s On Tonight.” Little, did Miss Clardy know this would be her breakthrough in the near future, back into what she loves to do again...sing. Miss Clardy, relocated again into Las Vegas, Nevada and as she began her new life and journey to discover what else can happen for her, if she just step out and have faith, she decided to put her music up on Reverbnation’s website, as “Lardy Miss Clardy Coming Out.” Wendy, was discovered by The Akademia’s A&R scout, Elijah in 2016.

Miss Clardy, won the award for the best Funk song ‘Move With U’ and she was invited to The Akademia Music Awards and Gala and walk the red carpet in 2017. Ms. Clardy, again won the awards in 2018 with best R&B song ‘America’ and in 2019, Ms. Clardy won the best R&B song ‘You Got It Going On’ and Lastly, but not least, The 2019 Akademia Executive Award for outstanding creativity, artistry, and professional achievement in the field of music. Ms. Clardy, was interviewed by ‘Let’s Jazz It Up’ on Blog Talk Radio by Brenda Moss. And, KMIX Radio in Los Angeles, CA. Wendy, was featured and spotlighted by Reverbnation, Poze Productions, and Number One Music.

Miss. Clardy, has recently signed with Sharper Brothers Record Inc. and her first EP was released August 1, 2019. Her latest project is, contracting to 2 managers one for the West Coast and one for the East Coast and a booking agent and the future project is to get ready for her first debut performance by the year 2020. It has not been an easy journey for Miss. Clardy, Aka Lardy Miss Clardy, to discover she is a star ready to be born. She has broken out into her breakthrough, to touch a mind, to touch a heart and to inspire someone to just do it. Miss. Clardy states, “I might be a late bloomer, but better to be late than to not show up at all, I am a success story,” Wendy says.
“All it takes is a little determination, and faith in the Creator and in yourself, and no matter what it looks like, believe. Let your light shine. Someone, will see you and hear you...it happened to me. I am Lardy Miss Clardy”
Though she was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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