Childish Major Is Pretty Persuasive On "F Yah Job"

 The song is the first single off his upcoming EP.  

Relatively quiet since the release of his sophomore effort, Dirt Road Diamond, Childish Major is back and convincing you to quit on your boss. Well, at least he's trying to. While the ATL rapper makes some good arguments for this little love interest of his to call in sick for the weekend, “F Yah Job" could surely be a little longer.

Produced by Hollywood Cole, this new single is glitzy and offers some bounce, but the track still grows old a little too quickly. And the song isn’t even a whole two minutes, so that says a lot. Or, realistically, not very much.  

Though he hasn't released too much material as of late, his face and voice have grown ubiquitous over the past year or so. He's appeared in a Super Bowl commercial with Timbaland, had his song included on the last Madden soundtrack and campaigned for both Reebok and MCM back at the tail-end of 2019. Sure, it's been a minute, but he's still very much around.  

“F Yah Job” is the first single off of Childish Major’s latest EP, Thank You, God. For It All. which is set to release on July 23. The 7-track project is said to showcase Childish Major honing his craft with laser-sharp precision. Knowing the artist and what he's capable of, we are looking forward to there being some more promising tracks on there. Are you looking forward to hearing more material?  

Quotable Lyrics:  

Job don't need you, like I need you  
Let's make plans for the weekend, be a  
whole lotta freakin'

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