Songstress Oksana Milles Returns With Extraordinary Ballads

Oksana Milles is a Russian-born singer, songwriter and producer on the rise whose fresh, unique brand of contemporary pop is gaining a lot of attention in the music scene. Originally from the city of Belyov, Russia, Oksana later chose to move to Moscow in order to fulfill her dreams of being a singer. 

Speaking about her goals with music, Oksana says, “Music is my life. I sing always, I sing everywhere. I want to give to people a positivity, a smile, to help them to rejoice and to become stronger.” Thanks to a position in a Moscow travel agency, she took a trip to Barcelona in 2009, where she met French electronica producer and songwriter Minuit De Lacroix. In Moscow she met with a musician Stanislav Kucher. The two of them have helped to give rise to much of the songs on Oksana’s first release. Her debut single was recorded in 2009. It was a version of the song ‘Blush’, written by Minuit De Lacroix together with german musicians Susana LicĂ©aga and Andreas Dorwarth. 

Oksana speaks and understands conversational English, Spanish, French, so it's easy to her to sing in different languages, she also has performed songs in Italian. In the upcoming album she will use this to mix Latin American style in romantic ballads and dance compositions.

In 2013, she was selected to participate in the music video of the world-famous Italian singer Laura Pausini ‘Per La Musica’ (spanish-language version ‘Es La Musica’). She represented russian music as a singer. Also in 2013 song of Laura Pausini ‘Benvenuto’ became Oksana's single called ‘And again’. It was released as a Russian version, text for which was written by Oksana in co-authorship with Stanislav Kucher. Following her success with ‘And Again’ Oksana decided to release a cover of ‘Hijo De La Luna’ by famous spanish pop band Mecano. And she also makes a beautiful music video of this song starring with her 5-years-old niece. 

Oksana Milles has formed a partnership with the Blue Pie Productions team in 2013 and was signed to one of the world’s  leading independent labels, Blue Pie Records. Thanks to that collaboration her music was digitally-distributed to fans, allowing her to further establish herself as an artist all around the world. 2014 sees Oksana is continuing to prepare for the release of her exciting first full length album, which will include her original songs placed alongside a selection of covers. A taste of her upcoming material came out in the end of 2014 year in the form of a two-track EP called ‘In Spite Of’, containing the infectious singles ‘Blush’ and ‘I Close My Eyes’.

Since 2013 Oksana also trained in dance at choreography classes being engaged at school studio of the famous russian ballet of Alla Dukhova “Todes”. This gives her the opportunity for creative expression, creating dance in front of the public. The synthesis of dance and vocals helps her to be even more versatile performer. Her next dance single ‘Maybe Tomorrow’ also written by Munuit de Lacroix Oksana releases as an independent artist on December 15th, 2014.

In 2016 difficult family circumstances forced Oksana to put her work on the back-burner. She did not have time or the energy to devote to her love of the arts. Yet as they say sometimes one door closes to only offer another to open. She meets her future husband, russian designer and architector, in 2018, who helped her to find again an inspiration to write lyrics and music. “I'm lucky that 2019 was very good to me. I’m so excited to finish and release my new record, to get back on stage with new and past material!”

In June, 2019 Oksana published cover of ‘Say You Love Me’ (originally performed by English singer-songwriter) Jessie Ware. Music video is also available. This song allowed her to take the first place in the national chart, as well as significantly advance with the global one. Oksana Milles – ‘Maybe Tomorrow (Remastered Version)’ dropped in September 2019, it's the first single from upcoming EP. This song was mixed and mastering by Brent Barcus, a professional mix engineer, producer and multi-instrumentalist based in Nashville, who worked under famed producer Robert John “Mutt” Lange and shared the stage and studio with a wide  spectrum of musical genres and brands including Shania Twain, Elton John, Kenny Loggins, dcTalk, Purina and the Nashville Predators.

Currently, Oksana is living in Moscow, Russia where she is completing her new EP album slated for release in November 2019.
Though she was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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