Art Carter’s "Texture" is an outstanding blend of musical mix

Texture: An outstanding Blend of Country/Rock/Blues/Reggae/Gospel, to create a wonderful mix of musical textures, that will tickle your ears, and appeal to many.

Art Carter is an American “Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Entertainer. His music blends Country/Rock/Blues/Americana/Gospel, and squarely fits in the category of “Americana/Country.” He always had an interest in music and singing from as early as singing in the shower, to singing in the car, to singing with bands, music and singing is like breathing to him...

He says," For me not to sing is to stop living, and expressing one's inner soul and emotions.... Music and singing is food for my being, and a way to connect with people's hearts and emotions in a deep and profound way... I have sung many different styles of music which include "Rock&n-Roll, Rhythm and Blues, Jazz, Country, and Americana, etc." I feel that each style of music has its own unique and good qualities, and that by having sung many different styles, it makes you well rounded, a better musician, singer, and performer in all forms of music....  I have found a home in the "Country-Rock and Americana" form of music, and I feel it is an "Honest Style of Music" that can be sung from the heart, and truly reflects some of the best qualities of "The American Spirit, Culture, and Values"...... It is real..... I am a singer, a songwriter, arranger, and producer..... 

I hope to keep growing in the music business, to write and record more songs, to touch people's hearts, and have my voice and music heard around the world.... Growing up, I listened to artists like “Billy Joel”, or Motown Greats like the “Temptations.” Since I am originally from New York, I mostly performed Rock’n-roll & R&B. But I would always hear something on the radio by Ronnie Milsap or Hank Williams Jr. blending Country, Rock, and R&B that drew my attention and that I really liked. When I moved to Florida I got exposed to “Garth Brooks”, and loved it. That is why my music is a blend of Country, Rock, and R&B”, or what is called “Americana.” That is what I am. 

I have opened for Country Legend Loretta Lynn, as well as been in the opening line up for Canadian Country Band Emerson Drive. Songs from my previous two studio album releases “UNBOUND” & “Freedom Rains” have chart as high as #2 for individual countries on the ECMA Charts (European Country Music Association). My 3 rd Studio Album Release “Texture” is the evolution of all my musical experiences rolled into one. I am very proud of this album, and how it sounds. All songs are written by Art Carter, except “Friday Night, Cold Hearted Woman, and I Can't Change”, co-written with my brother Jeff Carter. My music tends to blend genres and create a unique sound, which I and many people like. Sometimes that causes difficulties when trying to get radio play, because radio is more ridged in their formats, and if it doesn’t fit neatly in their bucket, they get squirrelly about it. Is it Country, Rock, Americana? Well actually it all of that and more, and you can hear it in the music. Singing, music, songwriting, producing are my passion. This I plan on, and hope I will continue to do all the days of my life."
Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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