Bionic is ready to take the next step

Bionic was a project born from frustration.  Like many teens and pre-teens, Riley "Bionic" Champagne had been struggling to find where he fit in.  Growing up in a small suburb in Wisconsin, he never really felt like he was "one of the guys" and had a hard time finding things in common with the people around him.  To combat his feelings of loneliness and neglect he started taking out his frustrations on the drums.  Drumming and heavy music became very therapeutic and an integral part of his life and identity.  Regardless of what he was going through, music was a constant outlet for him.  He knew at an early age that being a musician is what he wanted to pursue.  

Through high school, college and the years following,  Riley played in and out of several bands but nobody seemed to take it as seriously as he did.  Jam sessions and band practices seemed to be more of a time to just screw around than actually progress and create. Riley wanted more than that and struggled finding others with his same conviction.  As he grew older, things seemed to get worse instead of better.  Everyone around him started to get married, locked  into careers or have children... You know the "normal" mid 20's type stuff.  He tried his best to fit in with that lifestyle but it was like trying to force a puzzle piece into an area where it does not belong.  

After failing to find dedicated band mates for years, he eventually got fed up and decided to take his dreams into his own hands.  He ended up buying Ableton Live back in 2017 and spent many hours reading and watching YouTube videos learning how to use it in order to transfer the ideas from his head into an audible product.  Much like how Edsel Dope of Dope and Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails started their careers, all of Bionic's music is played, written, sung and recorded by him.  A little over a year ago he uploaded his first song "Let Your Freak Out" and since has grown to over 500 fans on ReverbNation, 380 fans on Soundcloud and is continuing to grow every day.  He was also  recently featured on ReverbNations playlist for "Chart-Topping Nashville Artists".  

Bionic's style is heavily influenced by the industrial and nu-metal sounds that came out of the late 90's early 2000's.  Bands like  Rob Zombie, Dope, Combichrist, The Prodigy and Static-X are huge influences creatively and musically for him.  He is also a self proclaimed "horror nerd" and thus is  heavily influenced by science fiction/horror films and video games as well as manga and anime.  Many of Bionics songs tell a story.  Whether it is about a sadistic woman who turns the tables on her stalker, a rich person that lost it all due to mental health issues or simply shooting zombies in the head, Bionic's songs invite the listener to escape with him into a different world.  

Riley is steadfast in creating art that is fun and inclusive.  None of his music is about politics, religion or any other social or political platform.  He believes that there is already too much of that thrust upon everyone be it on the main stream media or social media websites and is not interested in promoting anything other than thinking for yourself and being the best version of yourself that you can be.  His lyrics, though dark and a bit twisted in some cases, are meant to add to the story that he is trying to tell within each song.  Nothing he writes is meant to offend or have hidden meanings.  He tries hard to keep as open an atmosphere for creative expression as he humanly can. 

The future looks exciting and bright for Bionic.  His unrelenting obsession to grow as a musician and artist are propelling him into new realms.  He has recently moved from Wisconsin to the Nashville area to start gigging and hopefully meet other musicians and artist of like mind.  Bionic is ready to take the next step.  With dreams of professionally recording a full length album and going on tour, Riley has been hard at work promoting his music in the hopes of getting discovered and adding to his current one man lineup.  Riley believes Bionic has a lot of potential to become something big and he is more than willing to do what it takes to get there.   
Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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  1. This turned out great! Thank you so much for the opportunity! My excitement is beyond words haha ROCK ON!