A Good Rosé Revives Alt-Metal in South Florida

It was an unlikely scenario, childhood friends Angel Valenzuela, who goes by Aynjell, and Victor Alfonso Huipio, who goes by Vic Voni, had talked about starting a band for many years, but this time it was different. This time it was the catchy, almost western guitar riff that Aynjell recorded on his voice memos that caught Vic Voni’s ear. They both agreed to meet the following week at Vic’s place in Deerfield Beach, Florida, to write some music and the rest is history. That was September of 2017, the beginning of A Good Rosé (AGR), and the song that Aynjell pitched would evolve into the intro to Paradise, a song inspired by the tragic events in the Las Vegas and Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shootings.

            “We could not believe that this happened so close to home and the best way to express the anger and the sense of helplessness was through writting Paradise.” – Vic Voni

It was this combination of current events and life experience that started to shape the style and energy of AGR. What started as a hobby was slowly becoming a mission to share emotion and express thoughts, no matter how taboo.

            A few months later,  and AGR wrote a few more original songs and gained a drummer, by the name of Debs, and a bassist, by the name of Juan Moreno. Officially, it was around this time that AGR adopted its name, A Good Rosé.

“Everyone has their version of how we got the name. I remember we were all in my garage, jamming, sharing a bottle of Rosé and one of us said: ‘That’s a good rosé!’, referring to the wine, and we all agreed it had a nice ring to it”

After successfully branding themselves as A Good Rosé they scheduled their first show on May 25th, 2018, at a local venue in Fort Lauderdale where they began their journey performing a blend of original songs and covers until they had enough original content to play their very own, unique show. By this time, AGR had written Paradise, Awakening, Poison, Trip, New Vice and Legions.

            Since then, A Good Rosé has over thirty shows under their belt, playing for fans all over south Florida in venues such as Churchill’s Pub, Las Rosas, Bar Nancy, Dada’s, Tin Roof, O’Malley’s Sports Bar, Dive Bar,  Beer Punx, LauderAle, Mad Robot Brewing Co., Propaganda, Pipers Sports Bar, and Swampgrass Willey’s. Some of their monumental shows to date include acts with Danny Worsnop ‘Shades of Blue Tour’ and Angel Vivaldi & Nita Strauss ‘The Guitar Collective’.

AGR was without a drummer from December 2018 until March of 2019, when Aynjell found Santiago Perroud, who goes by Santa, through a website called Bandmix.

“It was frustrating. We jammed with a few people but it always fell through, but then this guy comes out of nowhere and blows our f#cking minds!” -Aynjell

Santa had recently moved from Buenos Aires, Argentina in search for his dream to become a world-class drummer.

“I just packed my bags and made sure I brought my cymbals” – Santa

Santa not only brought his tremendous skill to the table, but he also brought a new train of thought when it came to writing original music, mixing it up with poly rhythmic techniques and an overall heavier style. This meant that all of the original tracks had to be re-recorded in order to better include his style when the demo was released.
Though the group was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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