Nashville band Love's Tragedy playing with great intensity!

“Pieces of Me” is the first single to be released by Love’s Tragedy since their debut EP, Divide & Conquer, released in 2010. After a long hiatus, the band has regrouped and added bassist, Chad Grant, into the fold. This new release is also the first incarnation from the band’s new lineup and is powerful and hard-hitting from the very first notes. All of the instruments are in your face and make sure that you know they are for real and mean what they say. Once Colleen’s vocals enter hauntingly, the listener can tell that they are in for a ride. The dynamics and breakdowns in the song make for a tense, spine-tingling adventure and this single will absolutely leave the listeners wanting more releases from the EP in progress...and will most certainly want to make it to a live show in order to experience the power in person!

Love's Tragedy is back on the Nashville Rock scene after a bit of a long hiatus, but the members have been pounding the Nashville pavement for several years. All coming from different prominent bands, the members of Love's Tragedy banded together in early spring of 2009. After the release of the EP, Divide & Conquer, in 2010 before the band took the hiatus in 2011. Reforming in 2019 with the addition of their new bassist, Chad Grant, the band is ready to hit the ground running again with Colleen Alanna on vocals, Keith White on guitar, and David Dicks still pounding the drums. The band has already hit stages in Columbia, Franklin, and Nashville, TN and will soon be adding Huntsville, AL to the list with several more dates in progress. With the release of their newest single, Love’s Tragedy hopes to fan the flames of their fandom and garner new fans along the way.
Though the band was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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