Annemarie Picerno a multi genre entertainer in Nashville with a diverse performance resume in musical theater

Annemarie Picerno has performed in dinner theaters, bands in every genre of music, comedy shows, improv troupes, Disney World, Busch Gardens, and traveled professionally. She studied Musical Theater and the Broadway greats with esteemed Belt Pop and Classical voice professor Jan Sullivan , and shaped her powerful voice to fill a 2000 seat theater. "As a shy kid I watched all the classic movie musicals and found my home on a stage, exploring my voice, my comedic talents, including dance, and putting my emotions in to telling the story thru my singing and acting. My professors were intricately diligent in bringing out the finest detail in a hand gestures and movement,  portraying a character down to the subtlest facial expression and psychological makeup to display layers in a performance that I revelled in exploring. To display the rawest emotion in tears, and to explore my comedic gifts in making people laugh was my armor and joy from an isolated childhood."

Annemarie travelled extensively her early years performing in hundreds of theatrical productions, and each performance became a culmination of adding those talents of voice, acting, comedy, and dance to each successive performance project. She designed her own entertainment shows as a Master of Ceremonies as a celebrity impersonator with personalities of Cher, Bette Midler, Barbra Streisand, and Janis Joplin while performing classic hits and incorporating audience participation and comedy in encouraging participants to join her on stage with her stage show. 

"My early comedy and improvisational  years I was pushing the envelope with how much I could pack in to a stage act and entertain a crowd while engaging them. I performed at Disney World with up and coming stars like Wayne Brady and hung out with young talents like AJ McLean of The Backstreet Boys as he studied voice as a 13 year old with my good friend J Michael paving his way to stardom. We were young and pushing the glass ceiling to explore our talents and make an impact as all around entertainers."

She has also performed on television, as a comedian warming up audiences broadcasting live with popular radio personality Jack Harris from Busch Gardens in Florida, and did "the gigging" as an actress in commercials and film.

Suddenly the travel  from band, to comedy, to live shows across the US stopped as she recovered from surgeries and a car accident, and she found herself wanting to perform her own original works.
"I wanted to feel creative again and to take every layer of every experience I had as an entertainer and put in to my own music and songs. I wanted to feel alive again." She would tackle the complexities of life and the tough music business head on, striving to not compromise her artistry or unique and powerful voice in creating sounds that defied labels or genres.

 She plays piano, guitar, and writes and arranges her own music. Her musical style is diverse, incorporating country, pop, blues, soul, and rock. Her "Bad Girl" EP charted on many indie radio charts worldwide, and it's title track "Bad Girl", a pop rock sexy tune with a Motown groove was  released with Bongo Boy Records across the US, Asia and Europe.

 " Paul Mac an Australian DJ and Gene DiPierro of Hamilton Radio New Jersey were the first to play my original songs and became great friends. They encouraged me to explore my voice as an independent artist, and Monique Grimme of Bongo Boy Records signed and promoted my music on her independent label as well as Bongo Boy Tv. Monique was also influential with her knowledge of the industry as well as assisting me to become a Grammy member and being accepted on the 61st Grammy first ballot in American Roots for my inspirational song "Bonfire".  Gene DiPierro suggested the theme to me and I took off with the concept of people coming together through music and helping each other, while letting go of past regrests and fears. I incorporated the history of bonfires throughout the world in wars, celebrations, and memorials in various cultures, and I invited other talented artists to join me on the project."

 "Bonfire" incorporated the vocal talents of Lisa Coppola, Jimmy Parker, Donna Jo, Benny Pitsinger,
and Steve Owen and was produced by Bob McGilpin in Nashville and came from the inspiring words of Gene DiPierro. 'Bonfire' went on to chart #1's on many independent music charts as well as being awarded "Best Musical Collaboration" in 2018 at the world's largest independent awards show, The Josie Music Awards held at Dollywood Theater. The Josie Network of Brands, pioneered by Tinamarie Passantino and on air host Josie Passantino gave Annemarie the recognition as a highly regarded artist on the independent scene, as well as the musical family that fostered integrity and support along with recognition for quality music.

 Her signature style is a powerful voice and thought provoking lyrics such as the powerful vocals about society pressure in 'Prozac Queen." She is currently in the studio recording her new album, "Songs From Nashville." Her stories about packing up and moving to Nashville along with her lost loves and musical journey are on her 'bucket list' to be produced in a staged production once her album is complete.  From meeting songwriters with addictions to near homelessness, her stories are raw and real and not the cliche commercial country sounds that has overtaken Nashville.  The first 2 single releases "Rain" and "I Don't Know What love Is"  hit Top 40 charts along with nominations for independent artist awards in 2017.  

 The tracks are notably unique, and incorporate grassroots americana, country, folk, and Annemarie's unique deep bluesy vocal stylings. Each note carefully crafted with Nashville producer Bob McGilpin, her voice intertwines with the sounds of steel guitar, banjo, dobro, mandolin,and emotionally charged lyrics."Closer" the 4th track on "Songs From Nashville" continues the Americana mixed sounds and has a grooving bass theme paired with melodic vocal harmonies.
"I have always mixed in different sounds along with stretching my vocals to convey the story and emotion in a song, without putting a label on genre. The songs write themselves and are highly personal."

A tangled affair became "Trouble,"  a Traditional Country Two Stepping Duet with Award Winning Producer Kenny Lee in Nashville. Fun and frolic along with humor defines this duet topping charts across radio. Nominated for the 2019 Josie Music Awards along with being submitted for the 62nd Grammy 1st ballot, the song became a fan favorite for it's witty lyrics and playful story telling on radio charts.  

"I then went all out on a Southern Rock groove with funky bass beats, hillbilly sounds mixed with pop, blues, rock in American Roots with 'Discount Tobacco and Beer.' The end has an electric guitar ride out with Janis Joplin style improv pushing soul vocals and a playful side."  Never to stay put in one genre, Annemarie released "I Will Always Love You" in August 2019 on Bongo Boy Records 'Tribute To The Queen of Country - Dolly Parton' and returns to a folk, traditional country sound where the vocal harmonies are the focus of the stripped down but lush arrangement. Fall of 2019 her original country gospel song "Thank You" will be released as a simplistic yet powerful prayer to motivate and inspire, despite the challenges of a complex world.

"I constantly am pushing myself to expose my inner dreams and fears I overcome, and put these stories in my music revelations. 'Songs From Nashville' will be a body of work that will show my artistry and personal experiences that will live on in my music even after I am gone. Never compromised, and from my heart." Annemarie is a registered songwriter with BMI, a Member of The Americana Music Association,  Member of The Recording Academy ©Grammys and an Indie Collaborative artist.
Though she was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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