Anøma Lee’s style is all about simplicity and integrity, with some beachy vibes

Anøma Lee released her first single on April 26th, on all major streaming platforms. At 19, Anøma Lee wrote and composed the song herself and with the help of producer Vincentas Zenaitis the track was mixed and mastered to produce the final version. The collaboration was completely spontaneous as Vincentas took interest in the song when he heard it on a staircase passing by. The song was written in November, shortly after a really close person to her passed away. After that, the whole process of making and producing the song went really quickly. 

Within a few weeks the track was done. The lyrics are about losing someone and knowing that whenever and wherever you think of them, they are gone for good and you can’t do anything about it. Anøma Lee is a UK based artist coming from Brussels, Belgium. She has played at venues such as The Garage, The 229, Half Moon Putney and Under the Bridge.

As an artist, Anøma Lee is not only a singer but a songwriter, composer and also has 15 years of experience as a pianist. She moved to London at 17 to pursue a career in music. Her influences range from Amy Winehouse and Tina turner to Loyle Carner, Jorja Smith, Tom Misch, Selah Sue and many others. Her genre is mostly RnB/Pop with Neo-Soul and Hip Hop feels. Anøma Lee's style is all about simplicity and integrity, with some beachy vibes you can notice in her looks and pictures.

From creating the music to making the artwork, Anøma Lee is doing everything herself as she also has a big interest in drawing, painting and taking pictures. The single cover was an idea that she strated exploring after experiencing on different pictures she had taken before. It slowly became a style of her own, taking pictures and then drawing over it with a white pen.

Anøma Lee started playing music very young. At 5, she started playing her first instrument, the piano. She followed 10 years of classical music lessons to then start jazz lessons for three years. At 14 years old, Anøma Lee started a band at the Brussels Rock School. For 3 years, she played with her band named « Elivox » composed of 5 young musicians sharing the same passion. She played a few concerts with them before taking off to London. Their songs were generally pure rock and roll, including all the biggest pioneers’s hits in their sets. When she arrived in London, she discovered so many new genres that allowed herself to widen her musical range and create a unique sound that really defined her as an artist.

Since she moved to London, Anøma Lee is doing a degree in Vocals at Bimm (British and Irish Modern Music School) in South-West London. It is through BIMM that she got to play at venues in London mentioned earlier. Playing piano or doing backing vocals for other bands too, she got to play multiple acts in those famous venues. Now starting her third year, she wants to focus on what is next for her, meaning more gigs, collaboration with new producers and musicians and obviously make new music. She is planning to travel to Belgium more often to widen her audience and make more gigs in the city where she comes from. She is currently working on a video clip for her single "Part Ways", the video should come out before the end of 2019.

Though she was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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