Will Rodriguez & Stone Cross Music

Will Rodriguez, born and raised in Chicago, the youngest of 10 siblings, Latin Decent, Mother from Santiago Spain, Father from Patillas Puerto Rico, Wilfredo Christopher Rodriguez (Will Rodriguez) started his musical journey at the age of 14 years old, sneaking into well know theatres and clubs in the Chicago land area, his brother in law owned a Mexican Diner right next to the Aragon Ballroom, On the northeast side of Chicago, the Aragon & the Congress theatre, is where all the Latin Jazz bands from all over the world would come and perform the genre (salsa), acts like: "The Grand Combo, Hector Lavoe, Eddie Palmieri, Tito Puente, Willie Colon, Celia Cruz" just to name a few, the tickets at that time where too much for him to purchase, so he tried other ways to get into the theater, after several times being rejected at the door from the bouncers, and constantly being told by his girlfriends father not to bother them, your probly wondering girlfriend's father? well, cause he was the main promoter for the Latin Jazz bands for the Chicago land area, but that didn't stop Will because he was to young, a well respected Disc Jockey already at his age, with offers to perform on two radio stations WBMX & WGCI, he found another way to get in the theatre, instead of standing outside hearing the Latin Jazz Bands rocking out the theatre in front all those people, and the way he manage to get in was threw a secret passage way in the back of the diner his brother in law owned, it led straight into the back area of the Aragon ballroom, no more wondering on how to get in to check out those hot Salsa making Latin music artist perform. He was getting in free. 
Will Rodriguez learned allot on how to produce music, write lyrics, play certain instruments, from all the band members his girlfriend's father booked for the theatres in Chicago, if the hotels where full, his girlfriend’s father would have them stay in the 1st floor of his house, so whenever Will want to go see his girlfriend, there was a house full of Latin Jazz Musicians, he became friends with many of them, and they thought him the basics on how to create music melodies, produce and arrange music using various instrument patches from a keyboard synthesizer. Will Rodriguez came from a family of 10 siblings; he was the youngest, living on the northeast side of Chicago near the lakefront, 2314 N Green view between Fullerton & Belton Ave. Our dog use to jump over the gangway fence to chase the mailman down the street, right in front we use to play kick the can with all the kids on the block, like 20 of them. In the middle of the street, one time there was a gang fight, he also remember our neighbor Joey riding his motorcycle and popping a wheeling and losing it, grinding his head down the street on the concrete before hitting it on the curb like a bowling ball. Just everyday growing up in front playing with his two Nieces and hit the concrete chin 1st, knocking his bottom teeth into my top teeth, and opening up my lower lip for a ton a stitches. Could not suck his thumb for a while after that, it was hard for him to sleep.
Will's music career started taking off when he decided to become a music artist beside  d jading, he has been a disc jockey for premiere entertainment for more than a decade, but wanted to expand his musical talents in other genres of music, R&B, Dance, Hip Hop, and Electronic, and by this time the music industry went from store sale to internet streaming, so allot of artist took this opportunity to go independent, which was fine with him, he totally took the independent music industry to heart, and founded Stone Cross Music, a music promotional company out of Holland Michigan, which his family moved to during the time he was in the United States Marine Corp, joining after he graduated from High School, Lincoln Park H.S, will knew at the early stages of his music career how hard it is to just make ends meet in the music industry, especially as an Independent artist, so he decided to help other musician in the same predicament, and formed stonecrossmusic.com, a multi genre music promotional company, which in turn needed a Graphic Designer, Website Designer, Marketing Consultant, and Music Royalties Specialist plus and A&R Representative, that's when he decided to enroll in Sanford Brown University, and the International Academy of Design and Technology, so he can achieve his Bachelors In Fine Arts Graphic Design in 2015.
Will has performed in various clubs in New York, Los Angeles, & Chicago, with Stone Cross Music, which he likes to say if you ever meet him, Be Heard, Stone Cross music Promotional Co, we focus on promoting music all around the globe, no matter what genre it is, we will promote it worldwide to those in need of great music, artist information, and the music they create, we are based in the United States, we also look to promote music artist in other parts of the world, our goal is to keep the public up to date on what's hot in the music industry, no matter what music genre it is throughout the world. With the intent to reach out to all those in need of great sounding music, and information on who created the music, to a worldwide target audience. 

He was featured in recently released Lifoti's June 2019 influencer issue, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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