Madison Mueller: Young Adult Artist Of The Year

Madison’s 4 singles are getting airplay around the world and are consistently on top 10 countdowns, Quickly becoming “one to watch” in the music world!
Every time you turn around, it seems as though young singer/songwriter Madison Mueller is giving her fans more good news about her music career. Having just turned 18 this past year, the Canadian musician has already started to make her mark in the music industry. Her unique sound and style has captured the hearts of those that have been watching her grow online over the past 5 years, as well as those that catch her live shows, up-close and personal. Madison began her musical journey at the young age of 6, when she began taking piano lessons. Her love for music and singing had always been evident, but as soon as her fingers started to understand the keys, there was no going back. Her commitment to music has never faltered, as her parents used to have to ask her to stop practicing when the house needed a bit of peace and quiet. Her love of piano eventually branched off into singing, and later guitar. Her first experiences on stage lead her to never want to leave. The love for performing started with piano recitals, continued into talent shows, and later open mics. Now she’s playing her own shows and bringing in her own crowd that continues to cheer on this rising talent. Madison would learn cover after cover by other artists that she would play live until that didn’t satisfy her anymore. It was at that point that she began to genuinely write songs.
Mueller released her first studio produced song “Who Am I?” in November of 2016. The piano ballad about not knowing who she wanted to be and where she wanted to go with her life struck a chord (pun intended) with many people. Radio stations online began to pick up her song, and the success of her first single helped her figure out what she truly was meant to do. Music was her calling, and the more she performed and wrote, the more obvious that became to her. She has now released 3 other singles that have brought even more success than her first. Her second release, “Breath of Air” caught the attention of a lot of new stations and soon became her own hit. She recorded a music video for the song, which eventually was nominated for two awards. Madison attended the fourth annual Josie Music Awards, which has gained the title of being the world’s largest award show for independent artists. Her song “Breath of Air” was nominated for “Song of the Year”, and “Music Video of the Year”. On top of that, she was also up for “Female Vocalist of the Year”. However, those were not the winning awards. Madison ended up taking home the award of “Young Adult Artist of the Year” in the female category, her fourth nomination. Her speech was nothing to rave about from what she remembers, and the Award continues to leave her dumbfounded. She is planning to attend this year’s Josie Awards as a previous winner, and is crossing her fingers for another nomination as well.
In 2018 Madison released 2 singles, “Got This Way” and following the success of the Josie Awards, Mueller released her fourth single “Exhale” in late November, and has been welcoming the new listeners and growth with open arms. This song was written in two separate blocks. She wrote the verses while her mind was lingering in a state of the unknown, and weighed down with a feeling of sadness. The chorus was written several months later with a lot more hopefulness and light. Madison says that those feelings really shine  through in her track & relate to the moral of just stepping back from a situation when you need to. It shows a truly genuine feeling that many people can relate to - which tends to be a theme in a lot of her songs. Her hope is that her music is helping others through their tough times. And on the horizons for the young star is her first EP. A collection of original songs, hopefully to be released this year! So much happening, it’s a wonder how she still manages to be a normal 18 year old - except for the fact that she isn’t quite normal. Madison’s life will continue to shock her friends and family, as well as those that are in the music industry. She’s unique, humble, talented, and planning to make her mark in the big world of music!
She was featured in recently released Lifoti's June 2019 influencer issue, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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