Max Macpherson with “Ordinary Man” Blues Specified Album

Take a spiritual, bluesy ride through his composed songs help for relax in this stressful world. Drummer, keyboard player and percussionist on the Ordinary Man album is Chet McCracken, the former drummer for the Bonnie Raitt Band, Phil Collins, the Doobie Brothers and many other well known artists. Chet also was a key figure in mixing the Ordinary Man album. Don Saviano adds some righteous bass lines to most of his tunes. There are some blues numbers (Love A Girl Like You & Cruise Control) & a couple spiritual numbers (Think, Say... Do! & On An Angel’s Wings). The rest of the songs are folksy love songs. Discmakers did a terrific job both with the graphics and the mastering of the songs. 
All of the tunes on Ordinary Man are his original works both in composition and in lyrics. He has been composing music & writing lyrics since 1964 and have a repertoire of about 40 songs on the acoustic guitars. He had written over 200 songs & have hung out with the likes of Jerry Garcia and David Grisman. Although Max has been playing the guitar for almost 40 years he never had the opportunity to record anything until this album-’Big Plans’. Max has a number of songs on television shows, most noteable of which are ‘Every Woman’ and ‘Recipe TV’. Max’s style is a combination of blues, easy listening and country. In addition to musical enterprises he is also a novelist, When asked what category he chooses to describe his music he answered, ‘I don’t know. Everything you hear has an effect on you whether you immediately know it or not.
He was featured in recently released Lifoti's June 2019 influencer issue, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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