Speaking of the Gospel, Oh LORD, We Have Finally Found The “Savior of Hip Hop”, LORD Came To Save Us!

Born in the Great State of Texas, LORD woke up to find she had traveled to Arizona to become a greater creator, and fulfill her life purpose. Often referring to herself as “Scientist” since a young age, LORD said she, “...just knew there was a calling to do more; to do more than be. Be great.” So, LORD went on a spiritual journey near the end of 2013, just shortly after finding out her “Momma” had been diagnosed with cancer. After years of turmoil, heartache, disappointments, and betrayal, LORD was led to Arizona to find her voice; to be great.

After receiving the most traumatic news of her life thus far, she was so badly needing to feel a spiritual connection. After LORD experienced heartbreak while seeking The Lord, she believed there was no such thing, and discontinued the efforts of seeking a spiritual revelation by means other than that of which she could feel - Spiritually. LORD knew there was something bigger than life out there, and she set on a mission to know who and what that is. LORD began meditating, and as a result started receiving signs and messages, and she began to journal.
It was after her momma’s passing on May 9, 2017, LORD that she and she moved back to Dallas. At first, the transition was seamless, she was on the right path, landed a career in Business Development and gained her confidence back. A short time afterward, the Universe granted her lifelong dream of rekindled romance with her boyfriend from their adolescent years in middle school reality. Life was rocking and rolling, well, more like hippity hopping for LORD, and she no longer meditated, nor did she continue to pay attention to signs. A short while later without regard to consideration, the relationship ended abruptly. According to LORD, “A mistake was made, that may have never been forgiven”, so she left abruptly, and LORD moved to Arizona.

“I want to do something no one has ever done – create a world record. I want other artist to value my music and actually listen to the messages therein. It is my goal to inspire someone to aspire for greater things. Too often we limit ourselves, waiting on others, and forgetting all that matters to us. All that we want to achieve for ourselves is obtainable. When it is all said and done, I just want Hip Hop to remember that LORD came to save our legacy, it’s not what it used to be and worse than before.”

It was by no coincidence that LORD was able to command the room when she laid her first track, “Want”. She’d experienced a multitude of inspiring events in her life, and knew she had to share her experiences and lessons with the community. It was less than a month arriving in the desert by divinity that LORD released her first single, “Lord”, to introduce the creator within. Shortly after, she released her second and third singles, “OMG” and “All” from her first album, released on December 24, 2018, “Chosen”. LORD believes she was chosen to deliver conscious messages to listeners, and was dubbed the “Savior of Hip Hop” by those close to her, so, she knew she was LORD, not B. Lord as suggested by relatives.

Moving swiftly and genuinely encouraged by those who value her most, LORD quickly released her second album, “Fresh Start”. It was LORD’s idea to create an album that could potentially release as a full video production or movie. The Pedro theme that you will find in Fresh Start is a fictional story of a family that is torn between loyalties and facts. Ending the story, LORD decides to “Finally Breathe Again”, which, will also be the title of her coming third album.
Oh, Lord, that is right, she is releasing her third album only since November 2018. She has remained adamant she has never been or aspired to be a rapper or artist. Unaware at just how supersonic this talent she possesses is, LORD remains humble and grateful for every encounter and opportunity has been awarded in life. I can tell you, this is definitely only the beginning so make sure you are tuned in, and watch LORD.
She was featured in recently released Lifoti's June 2019 influencer issue, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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