Frank Deno: The Fresh Talent From New Orlean’s Rap Scene

From the big easy, New Orleans, Louisiana comes rapper extraordinaire Frank Deno. Born and raised in the infamous Desire housing projects in the city’s 9th ward, Frank has harnessed the heart and soul of the crescent city and transformed it into a lyrical style like no other. He began his journey to rapping by rocking the mic occasionally at house parties and freestyle sessions on the avenues. From that, a slight buzz began to grow prompting him to record his first single entitled “N.O. chill”. A story about a day of relaxing and fun as only experienced in such a beautiful setting as New Orleans. Received well in the community, Frank decided to return to the studio and record his first album and named it Life from the plantation. Already full of passion for the art of hip hop, Frank’s love of music and writing songs manifested an underground following with performances in some of the city’s most unique nightclubs usually played by traditional jazz bands and folk music singers. 
The album was well received not only in his hometown but across the underground circuit here and abroad. The records response prompted Frank to head back in to the studio immediately to start recording the second album entitled Language of trauma and love. Influenced by the sights and sounds of his hometown, Frank shares life experiences and observations growing up in one of the roughest cities in the country, while also showing the cool magnetic flavor of a place known for its unique people, music, and beautiful art. Each song is like taking a stroll the streets he grew up in, something an ordinary tourist would never get a chance to experience. You can hear it in songs such as “Stripped”, a hard charging song full of vivid imagery and captivating wordplay. Music reviews describe the album as an “undiscovered jewel worthy of high praise”! The Language of trauma and love, created an even bigger following throughout the world in as far away places as Africa, South America and Europe, generating an international fanbase across the social media spectrum. Gaining recognition as superior songwriter, Frank’s music is easy to relate to by people who face similar circumstances of struggle, but also touches the heart found in songs like “Tell me”, a song about a man convincing his lady to lead him to the ways to satisfy her needs. Another jewel entitled, “Wear my heart on my sleeve”, a song expressing a personal perspective of growing up in place plagued with poverty and violence. As Frank would put it, “My songs are the whispers of the streets I’ve been listening to since birth, the brass band jazz, cuisine and round the clock party atmosphere is one of kind, so that’s what I try to be as well”. 
Frank is also the owner of an independent record label called Menacestry Records. With more music to come Frank Deno is here to stay and plans on being a force to be reckon for years to come. Frank says, “the great rappers before have inspired me to carry on tradition to create rap music to last the test of time and that’s my only motivation everything else as we say in New Orleans is lagniappe”. Frank Deno truly one of a kind

He was featured in recently released Lifoti's June 2019 influencer issue, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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