LiL$uav tryin to make it big

Rapper, Luke Lavorico, born and raised in Sacramento, North Califronia, better known for his artistic rapper name “Lil$suav” is a rapper to look out for as he is grinding in the charts of platforms such as Soundcloud. His first song was recorded with an Xbox Microphone that was under 15 USD in the middle of a park, the hit song “Dripping” got over 60,000 plays on soundcloud and caught the attention of the media, and managers in the industry, putting him on the path to success. His strongest influences are Notorious B.I.G. and his rapper brother, Rico$uave. Since being signed, the artist and DJ Sully have a built a studio together and he’s already amassed a substantial fan base. “Just another SoundCloud rapper trying to make it big,” are his words after his announcement in March 11, 2019 of his official EP “Boppin”.
Prior to 2018, the rapper had created numerous beats, primarily for himself, though they did attract interest and he was signed to Sully and Chud Records, Inc. (Sully & Chud Records are leaded by Paul Penrose A.K.A Chud, former backstage manager for famous artist, Snoop Dogg & DJ SULLY Who mixes master and promotes most of the artist’s work) The turning point for LiL$Suav came during a meeting at a local park with his manager, DJ Sully. With a $10 microphone purchased at Best Buy, LiL$Suav recorded a track that quickly garnered 50,000 plays.

The rapper also released the EP “To Be Honest” on Feb. 21, 2019.

Tracks included are:

“Pull Uhhh in a Mercedes”
“Too Cold”
“It’s Lit”
“Look Alive!”
The single “Racks!”

Along with the OG Throwback EP:

“Roman Numerals”
“Hide Yo Girl”
“Issa Drip”
“Drippin.” (Original Version)

Undoubtedly, Lil$uav’s reason to success has been his lyrical capability and his strength lies in the flow and lyrical rhythm he handles, there are several subjects and matters he approaches almost no other rappers dare to and he also adds elements from the Old School and the New Wave of rap.  Something that has helped him a lot is his knowledge in production and his latent skill to grow as an artist as with every single released there is a notorious improvement, from sounding good to sounding great.The rythmical flow in his instrumentals are also of the “unique” category and must be noted as they will mark a generation of rappers. The artist is very forthcoming, honest, direct and respectful towards his art form and follows a path that must be observed closely.
We must mention that one of the top songs:

“Best In My City Freestyle (feat.DJPSQUARED)” 

Has caused a strife and a disagreement between DJPSQUARED and LiL$uav. They no longer will make music together, and if they do it, it will be diss tracks against each other. LiL$uav stated on an Instagram live “Tell Parker (aka DJPSQUARED) to diss me first, then I’ll absolutely destroy him no cap.”  We all know that there are hundreds, maybe thousands of artists who upload content to soundlocud on a daily basis, but how many of them are good enough? How many grind hours and hours on their craft and release quality and quantity properly? Lil$suav meets all the expectations and requisites an artist must meet and he is definitely going to be more than just “one more rapper online”, as we said before, he goes beyond the charts of what is expected and what has been already done.

He was featured in recently released Lifoti's June 2019 influencer issue, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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