Lil Chase freestyling ability along with certain moves too..

Lil Chase born Jimmy Badie, of Millen, GA, age 25. Jimmy received the name Lil Chase at age 12, from his brother. Jimmy says he has always been interested in music and performing. Jimmy started singing in church when he was younger, and he would play around with his brothers, cousins, and friends, freestyling and songwriting. Jimmy has people ask him to make songs for them, and then he ended up buying his own studio and went out on his own, creating his own company Chasing A Bag Entertainment (C.A.B.) and the name of his company was inspired by Cab Road, this was the road Jimmy grew up on and had his best childhood memories living with his late grandmother. Jimmy grew up listening to T.I., Bank Roll, and Young Jeezy and mocked it and tried to sound like artist. Lil Wayne, and Michael Jackson are his true inspirations, he feels they are lyrical geniuses and their words speaks about real life, and he hopes people will feel the same about his music, his song “History in the Making” he hopes this song will really speak to people; if we all work hard toward our goal in life and be patient we can achieve it. Jimmy now listens to different genres of music to inspire him, he recently wrote a song called “Wiggle” that was inspired by Ghetto Barbie.
The road to his success started with some bad choices that landed him in trouble. And it was music that turned Jimmy’s life around, becoming an avenue for life changes, the drive to do music helps him speak on real life situations and it helps to talk about it and gives him the strength to push through a day or his lyrics may help someone else.  Jimmy uses exercise, basketball, and shopping to clear his mind and relieve stress, this is where some of his best songwriting ideas come from. Jimmy enjoys traveling to different places to perform, meeting new people and fellow artist and he uses these experiences in his songwriting. Jimmy works with children of many different age groups, mentoring in the gym and he uses his freestyling ability along with certain moves to teach basketball techniques.
Jimmy is a talented musical artist/writer who enjoys performing all genres of music, including rap and hip hop. The most enjoyable part of performing is seeing the reaction of the audience when they relate to the music. Jimmy’s previous performances include the Mass Appeal Concert in New York City, Freebandz Takora in Atlanta, 46 th Annual Hip Hop Awards, in New York City, at the Legendary SOB’s, The Georgia Heat Concert in Atlanta, GA, at the I-Lounge several shows in Augusta, GA and many private parties. Upcoming performances include CAB Bash in Sylvania, GA at Merlee’s Hall, and 46 th Anniversary of Hip Hop; The Hip Hop Ambassador’s Awards in New York City, at the Legendary SOB’S.

He was featured in recently released Lifoti's June 2019 influencer issue, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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