Genious Hardcore Multiple Splitted Rhythm Rhyme

“Genious Hardcore is an institution in rhymes,he does care a lot about creating new stuff.  This could mean Rhyme-Arts,new Subgenres of Rap-Music in instrumental works and for sure a lot of fun in music.Genious Hardcore fights Nazi-Minders and all the bad people, side by side with the german military services, like B.N.D. and M.A.D. .  He does not care about how the audience reacts on his music,but for sure takes hisself care around his taste.Genious Hardcore started up with none else, than creating rhymes, with pen and paper, it was at first a strange hobby in 2003, but it grew to the greatest inspiration source of the world, by noticing, that Genious Hardcore created the _multiple splitted rythm rhyme_.
That happened, in the early year of 2004.  Since these days, was Genious Hardcore working under several names and on several, new rhyme arts, even so.  The first time,Genious Hardcore was notified as Genious Hardcore,was in the late year of 2006.  Genious Hardcore,which was working since that day, in the name of „G-Hard“ was creating: “GeniousHard the Emperror“ one out of the lost tunes.  Gerhard Sebastian Guder, Genious Hardcore's civil name is actually a man in his 30s.  Genious Hardcore's first concrete fact to know, is for sure, that he won't give up, creating new stuff,even if his music might end up as an unsold taste-case.  He is a true New-School Producer and MC, behind the lines, always thinking of new rhymes.  To some Hip-Hop-Heads matters GeniousHardcore as a Legend of the Trueschool,he goes out by the calls of the “Grandmaster of Rhyme“,or the “Overtortured Overlord of the Underground“, because his life is always a thin act of magical terror, each night is hisself fighting around his life,Magicians,which do try to kill him, were on the other hand reanimating already for close to 7 million times, back from the dead.  The gods of magic,turned into his friends, but eventually is there still a rotten Idiot behind the lines, calling hisself a friend and his killer, at the same time.  If you enjoy a piece of Genious Hardcore's Instrumental-works, do you feel like in the late 80s, and that's his significant art,to produce music like the Superheroes of back in the days did. 
A little bit strange,but always on point,to the Raps,he whants to do over his instrumental.  Rarely is it known, that he collaborates with others,to let the music happen,but he was working with:“ANSANE“, “Domic Beats“ and others already, to complete the most innovative man, Hip-Hop has seen, for a long while.  GeniousHardcore created new Instrumental-Subgenres of Rap-Music,ways before the Industry took a note of his Creations.  Some people say about GeniousHardcore, that he would hold more inventions, than the entire Oldschool of Hip-Hop together, but this can't be certified.  By all of his creations in music,the scientifical part of him,wasn't going down,by his release out of school.  Genious Hardcore started making music, at first with a Crew, of two more fellows,which called themselfs:“Grünes Blut“ in translation:“Green Blood“ it was a holler at the Border-Smugglers of Cannabis, which they were, as well.  But, like many other real OGs,was this Crew splitting after a while.  Genious Hardcore became a Schizophrenia-Patient and Homeless for a while and the golden age turned into a Grotesque.  All his fellows went away,so like Genious Hardcore did as well.  In a Lonesome Warrior Mode, founded hisself new Friends,new Collaboration Partners and first of all the possibilities of the music-business,by researching the Internet.  Genious Hardcore became quickly notified by many large names in the music industry,but he did no business with them.  Genious Hardcore was and is,a Lonesome Trooper for new Stuff.  He created so many things,but his journey is still just at the start.  Some say:“You need to make it in this Business,before the age of 30,or your breakthrough will never happen.“  All Genious Hardcore says to it?  „Go, play with your dolls again.“ 
Because success was never his aim in music,GeniousHardcore whanted to be the music people can find inspiration of.  His goal was reached.A lot of successful tunes of today are behind the lines, based upon ideas,GeniousHardcore created with his Instrumental-Works.  Even if not each of GeniousHardcore his Tunes, might be something, to call big hits, so were these tunes,a success as well, because GeniousHardcore inspired other musicians, to do more this or that over the music away.And that's something, no one can take him, even if the Nazis tried already for too many times, to be true, his life and success around the womanhood.  Some fools might say,that GeniousHardcore would be the winning looser,but he does not even care,not even one point about it.  GeniousHardcore is the person, he is, a stranger, but a Super crazy Inspiration-Source for new artists in the game. 

He was featured in recently released Lifoti's June 2019 influencer issue, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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