Seattle’s Hip Hop Power Couple

With the wave of #blacklove and the impact power couples have in music such as Jay Z & Beyonce and Cardi B & Offset. It's no surprise why fans love Seattle Washington's rap group Paper Gang. But for those who are not familiar with the Pacific Northwest rap culture you would ask, Who is Paper Gang?
A two member group made up of husband Bigg Duce and wife H. Flice, these two bring the Bonnie & Clyde vibe to the music and the grind. H. Flice who is originally from Dallas, TX; can best be described as a blend between female rappers Remy Ma and a modern day Lil Kim. H. Flice delivers raw punch lines and sexually explicit lyrics that even men find catchy. As a child H. Flice wrote poetry and even competed in the ACTSO NAACP competitions. H. Flice said her love of music was influenced by everyone in her family from her aunt who plays piano and sings in the church choir to her uncles who were a part of a local hip hop group in Dallas in the late 90s. She remembers at a young age watching her uncles record at the legendary Dallas recording studio The Kitchen. It wasn’t until her late teens that she decided to cross over from writing poetry to spitting bars. But even then, she never took it seriously even though she began to be known in her neighborhood as the then Lil Missy Elliot. H. Flice says it wasn’t until later years when Bigg Duce decided he wanted to make a solo project for himself and she began helping to create hooks and helping Bigg Duce sharpen his writing skills that she began to realize her passion for the artistry.
Bigg Duce who is from Dallas, TX by way of Los Angeles, CA; is the sound behind the group as well as an artist. Growing up in L.A., football and the step team was his hobbies. But living in the most gang populated city, it wasn’t hard for Bigg Duce to give into his surroundings. It wasn’t until a move to Texas and an introduction to southern independent record label Screwed Up Click, that caught Bigg Duce’s musical attention. He says he remembers his first summer in Dallas at a local pool and a kid asked him did he know who the freestyle king was? It was not having a clue who the kid was referring to that he began studying the Texas music scene. Although Bigg Duce isn't shy when it comes to word play. Producing is what started his musical career. Working in the studio of Robert “Sir Loc” Bradley is where Bigg Duce Production (his producer name) was created. From producing for various indie artist in Texas, California, Louisiana, and Arkansas to producing for multiplatinum artist Lil Flip. Bigg Duce says he was introduced by his mentor Johnny Oppenhammer to Lil Flip on the way to a beat battle. After the beat battle he gave Lil Flip a zip drive with 16 instrumentals. The next day Lil Flip invited Bigg Duce to his home studio and began recording on all 16 instrumentals. Bigg Duce says he never asked to be signed to Lil Flip because he wanted to start his own label.
A decision to move to Seattle was made for personal reasons and the duo found themselves forced to put their music dreams on hold. “It was time for a fresh start but we were worried because other than Sir – Mix – A lot and Macklemore, we didn’t know a lot about Seattle’s hip hop culture. We decided to make the music we liked and we would ride around the city playing it. When other people heard our music they asked if we were performing anywhere and that’s when we decided to put things in motion.” In 2016 Bigg Duce and H. Flice started their record label Paper Gang Entertainment. “Some people think that we named the label after the group name but it is the other way around. We never had a group name for ourselves because we didn’t consider ourselves as a group. It was always Bigg Duce and H. Flice the individual but we started branding the label before it was even a record label and so Paper Gang just stuck.”
After signing themselves to their own label, they released their debut album titled Revamped. The first single released from Revamped titled Dead & Gone has been played world wide on Spotify, iTunes,  iHeartRadio and on OWN Network Ambassador & Internet Radio Personality Nikki Rich's radio show. The music video for Dead & Gone is available on YouTube, Pinterest, Roku, and Indie Artist Music TV. Their second single titled Bitches Hatin was featured on two Coast To Coast Live Mixtapes and has had major streams in the UK.Paper Gang is currently working on their second album which is set to release summer 2019 and there is already talk that this may be the project to bring Paper Gang to the forefront of Seattle music.

The Duo was featured in recently released Lifoti's June 2019 influencer issue, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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