Chuck Spears: Spears of Destiny

Chuck Spears started off in a four man rap group called Sight Beyond Light , back then he was going by A.B. Do Well. SBL was an underground indie hip-hop group that disbanded just as they were on the cusp of making major moves in the industry.    A.B. Do Well began backing up former SBL member Sub-Conscious (Headbop and Eastern Conference) at local shows and was featured on his mixtape the Holdoverz. Eventually putting together a mix tape of his own, A.B. Conversations. They hustled CDs around NYC for a while, but the digital age of physical media died down a bit so, A.B. took a regular job and the music was on the back burner  for a minute. But there was a void, a hollowness, that could only be filled with late night studio sessions and moving the crowd.    With a shift his world view, A.B. was shedding his ego and superego and leaning into his id. Yeah, the psyche, that's where we're going. Thus Chuck Spears was born. But what does Chuck Spears mean? It’s a play on the racial slur of Spear Chucker. Something assholes call people of African descent alluding to primitive or even subhuman status.
He began studying digital production and working on some new solo music to mark his own path. Using soundscapes from African drum circles and fusing it with that old-school boom bap with a little rock influence thrown in Chuck Spears worked on a project called Unbalanced, which was representing his internal struggle with the Id, Ego and Superego fighting for dominance. Some songs are super woke, some super ignorant and some are just light satirical reflections of the world around us.  

He was featured in recently released Lifoti's June 2019 influencer issue, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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