The JT-Blaze, he boasts, obviously stands for strait fire which he smokes, and also it represents the way he spit’s lyrically

Born and raised in a small town in Menifee, California, JT-Blaze has always had an infatuation with music and hip hop. JT-Blaze first started rapping in the 5th grade, and originally developed his skills free styling on a daily basis along with writing his own lyrics to songs he heard on the radio as a young boy. He states he would remix the lyrics into his own personal songs, which helped developed his creativity and skills as a lyricist. . As JT-Blaze grew up, he continued to refine his skills until he started performing free styles in front of friends and family at his highschool, (Paloma Valley High School) and eventually developed the rap name JT-Blaze. Jake, (what friends and family refer to him as when using his first name) explains that JT stands for his first and middle name (Jacob Troy) and he use’s his middle initial because of his love for the USC Trojans (FIGHTON!!!) and his love for his hometown/region in southern California. The Blaze, he boasts, obviously stands for strait fire which he smokes, and also it represents the way he spit’s lyrically. Furthermore, it also resembles his mentality of staying high until his death. JT-Blaze has also been through a wide variety of tragic events in his life, including having a child, going to jail for possession and sales of marijuana, and violating probation after being sentenced his second DUI, which led to a court ordered entry into a 3 month rehabilitation program. Once JT-Blaze finished his sentence, he decided to move to his fathers in Fairfield in 2007, located in the Northern region of California. 

JT-Blaze then pursued his degree in Communication Studies, and earned his BA degree at SF State and then his MA degree at CSU Chico. Now that JT-Blaze has graduated, he has decided he his ready to pursue his rap career professionally, and claims his life journey and academic experiences have now provided him the tools necessary to influence society with his lyrics and communication skills. JT-Blaze claims his lyrics allow him to express what he feel’s as a human, and what he represents as a person. He states he wants to use his music to relate to others by letting them know the truths of his personal life. His goal is to also use his lyrics so that others can feed off his energy, and relate to the personal struggles and joys of his life. He also advocates one of his personal goals is to use his lyrics to help influence his listeners to fight oppression and create more equal opportunities for everyone in society and on the planet earth. JT-Blaze also said he intends to use his lyrics to educate future generations on political and social issues he thinks will be vital for the youth to focus on if they want to survive and live peaceful lives, including climate change, political corruption,economics, etc. JT-Blaze in closing, tells all his fans and music lovers to be on the look out for his music for decades to come! Also, if you haven’t had a chance to check out his first official mix tape “Blaze Till The Grave,”make sure and dl or stream on all major platforms! He also wants everyone to know all his music, including his current mix tape “Blaze Till The Grave,” will always be available for free dl.

You can found more about him on February 2019 Issue at here

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