Introducing B.D. kold Bringing the Gospel through the outlet of rap

Life hasn’t always been the best for B.D.Kold, but it wasn’t anyone else’s fault but his own. Bad decisions during his youth led to trouble with not only the law but addictions that almost ruined his life. Throughout all the negativity he found hip-hop but he wasn’t ready for it at first. It took until 2014 when he entered a disciple program and turned his life around thanks in part to pastor Kenneth Stewart . It was through the program that he not only found his faith and direction but a new voice within himself. Now he’s set on making music that not only has a hip-hop appeal but takes things a step further. His debut, Walking In Faith, is a heavy, profound hitter that leads theway to his upcoming 2018 release, Heart Condition. Both showcase what he’s been through and provides hope and support for those who hit play Take a knee a freedom of speech nfl anthem. On his rapid rise to the top of the rap game, the livingston rapper B.D.Kold comes around with the release of “Distribution of Hope”, his latest mixtape, which will be available for download at the common platforms, He brings the Gospel to those who are struggling, or never heard it, that enjoy riding around bumping rap, he know when he was coming up, he is always enjoyed to be able to throw a good album on and let it roll, he hope with this release accomplished that, not only give the hiphop head a great collection of music, but most importantly bringing some spiritual food to those who are hungry. 

God has changed his life, when he was stuck in his mess, spinning in circles, distroying relationships, distroying himself, he had nothing, he was at his lowest point, and was tired, he had nothing and no one, he was only promised death or penatentry, but God, knowing what he purposed for when he created it, meet him in his mess, and saved, allowing him to become who he seen as when he designed for this time, he hope, he give you this in every line of every track. Now that he has focused his perspective, he needs to gain people’s attention to bring them the message. That is the goal of “Walking In Faith The E.P.”. In today’s gritty rap industry, it is difficult to find artists who are profound, honest, and interesting. B.D.Kold is as such throughout this record. Every track on this recording sounds personal to the artist, and that makes every song seem like something special. Each cut has its own meaning in the bigger story. The EP sounds amazing too, and the combination of meaning and sound is absolutely terrific. Right from when the first track, “Make It Rain” opens, it’s hard not to connect with B.D.Kold as a person when listening to his music. B.D.Kold runs in his own lane and does it well. His intense rap on “Army Of The Lord” will resonate with CHH fans very well because of how different his rapping style is from the rest of CHH. His realness and intensity he brings in this song is captivating.Often we become too comfortable in our culture, and we need reminders to look into the mirror and see the truth. “Walking In Faith The E.P.” is a recording that makes you do exactly that. Every song makes you think. The lyrics and meaning are the focus, but B.D.Kold doesn’t sacrifice sound in the process. 

Kold says “success is walking in the calling, that you were made for, moving in our purpose, i coffee pot could never function as a casarole dish, both serving important purpose in the kitchen they were designed for, but one would burn to shambles if it tried to be the other, and the other would hold liquid until it rotted… but if used in the purpose they were designed for, the kitchen moves and functions at its highest potentional, this is life, for human beings, ask God to show you what he designed you for” 

You can found more about him on February 2019 Issue at here

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