Theres a new face & brand in South Florida “SOY TRAPERO” by Jose Salazar

Hip hop and Trap heads meet “Salazar El Tabaquero”
During a time when urban Latin music is constantly evolving, it takes an artist of extraordinary talent to effectively break barriers and set a new standard for Latin Hip Hop. Salazar’s music not only possesses commanding and intoxicating beats, but has an original and advanced lyrical style that few others have been able to match. When one listens to Salazar’s flow, it is clear he speaks from the heart and soul, receiving the attention and respect of both female and male listeners alike. Jose Salazar, a.k.a. SALAZAR, was born in Miami, Florida. The son of a professional Cuban baseball player who also wrote music and poetry, Salazar’s initial childhood dream was to play professional baseball. After being exposed to musicians and the art of expression through writing, Salazar developed a deep interest and love for music. He began rapping at the age of 17 and formed A.O.D (Age Of Destruction) while he was still in high school. Realizing music was his life project; he began associating with professional artists such as Trick Daddy, Rick Ross and Timbaland through his in house producer 305LOS. His style unexpectedly flipped from English to Spanish on a verse written just to mess around. As if by fate, it all seemed to fit together. As he continued to pursue his artist development, Salazar was noticed by several top A&Rs with Sony Latino in Miami. Salazar was selected to be a part of a compilation Spanish hip-hop album to debut in the U.S (April 26, 2005). The project was titled Syndicato which is Spanish for “Syndicate” and was composed of a collaboration of 7 artists, each with a distinct style. Since his experience with Syndicato, Salazar has chosen to pursue his career as a solo artist, performing throughout South Florida. 

He caught the attention of Strictly Business Records, a local independent label, receiving much recognition in the South Florida area. Salazar is currently seeking to receive international attention and tar- get the Hispanic community as a w- hole. Salazar’s goal is to revolutionize Latin music by bringing hip- hop to the Spanish community the way it is heard in English. With a powerful voice and street-based lyrics, Salazar’s music portrays the realistic experiences of a young first generation Cuban-American living in the United States. In a period where music consumers search for answers, Salazar delivers truth to a snowballing urban Spanish community that wont be denied. Salazar is determined to take Spanish hip-hop to the next level, “I want people to remember me for changing the way Hispanics express themselves musically“. Salazar’s decided to take the bull by the horns and bring out a new movement called “SOY TRAPERO” first single to set off a brand of clothing and the latin trap scene in Miami. This single features two other artist at the forefront of the Miami Hip hop and latin trap scene in South Florida Chief ELI and U.B former president of “Maybach Music Latino”. They both lace this track with some fire Spanish trap lyrics to compliment the hardcore beat that knocks the frame off the walls. The video is lit! Going from real time into a music video this is nothing short of a video/short film mash up. Action packed with girls, guns, and money this video will definitely take you for a ride. You can actually catch the debut of his clothing line in the video with his white tees and snap back caps bringing the movement to life. Showcasing the streets of Hialeah and Carol City, Florida this definitely has Dade County written all over it. You can see the work and detail that was put into this it feels so real! When asked what Salazar’s goals are he responded “I want to bring my cityout as a whole talentwise. There is a lot I mean a lot of latinos with talent out here in Miami and no light has been shed on that so that’s what I’m here to do past present & future wise”. Latinos have a lot to do with why Miami has the flavor that it has. It’s time for everyone to find out why musically. Since dropping “ SOY TRAPERO” he’s been performing and selling his brand. Salazar has dropped another two singles and his debut Spanish Hip hop LP since coming out with the new movement. 

The first is another trap single for the ladies called “Nadie Como Yo” feat “Cejaz Negraz” from “Crack Family GZ” a latin hip hop group with a mega huge following out of Colombia. This is def a change of pace from “SOY TRAPERO” something real nice, slow, and smooth for the ladies definitely a different style in Salazar’s arsenal. This video has a Miami Vice art deco touch to it. Midnight vibe great dancers colors and different theme than the previous. It really shows some of Salazar’s versatility. Ladies we at Lifoti Magazine suggest you give this one a view. His second single “Mi Bandera” feat “The Revolution” really showcases Salazar’s well roundedness. On this single he talks about the political issues surrounding immigrants and refugees and how they were a key part in making the U.S.A what it is today. Bringing a powerful message but with peace, understanding, and neutrality. With live instruments this a Spanish Hip hop tune for all ages to enjoy. It’s a fusion of latin percussion fused with Hip hop which is his signature.This is definitely a feel good record with a heart felt message. The video speaks for itself it really takes you there. The struggle, sacrifice, hard work, and dedication it takes to seek refuge out of your country in search for a better life. This is a huge change up topic wise from his previous two releases which makes Salazar a little harder to get bored of listening to. He sounds different uses different flows in each of these singles with actual substance. It really is amazing to listen to. He has a series of Mixtapes called “Hip hop Remixed Vol. 1 & 2” both featuring “DJ HERON” and Vol. 2 has a special surprise guest hosting in “Dj Tony Touch” links for free download available below. Also has an official remix of the original Dj Tony Touch track “Diaz Bros”. Can’t say we didn’t like the eye candy on this one.

Last but def not least Lifoti Magazine took an in depth look at Salazar’s debut album “La Vieja Escuela” I mean we had to after listening to the versatility this kid has. The blending of Spanish and English lyrics going unnoticed from such a smooth transition and flow it was a no brainer. La Vieja Escuela which translates to “The Old School” pretty much has it all. With production on fleek this sounds like an English Hip hop album just with Spanish lyrics with so many different flows and deliveries it’s ridiculous. Salazar is really showing his skill set here and it shows. His craftsmanship is very entertaining to say the least. Jam packed with 13 tracks of fire. From super hard street lyrics to slow seductive tracks for the ladies to even songs about culture and religion this is a must have for your collection.

You can found more about him on February 2019 Issue at here

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