Renowned artist Karen Salicath-Jamali is set to release her 8th studio album, "Angel Hanael's Song," on April 26, 2024. Inspired by angelic guidance received in dreams following a head injury in 2012, Karen's ethereal compositions blend classical and new age elements. The album, featuring singles like "Angel Hanael's Joy," showcases her unique creative process. Alongside her musical achievements, Karen's diverse artistic background includes painting, sculpting, and photography.

Karen Salicath - Jamali’s 8th studio album, part classical, part new age -titled, “Angel Hanael’s Song”, being released on April 26, 2024, through Tunecore and on major digital platforms. Karen’s new project promises to gain international acclaim, particularly with the otherworldly way the tracks are conceived. The highly anticipated first single and first track, “Angel Hanael’s Song,” released on April 8 th , 2024, and second single, “Angel Hanael’s Joy,” will be released on April 23, 2024. The album cover art was created by Karen Salicath - Jamali as well.

Karen Salicath - Jamali has a very remarkable way of composing her virtuoso music, she is a vessel for one of her many angel guides. She had a head injury from an accident in 2012, after a 3-year recovery she miraculously began to hear music in her dreams, guided by angels, and the rest is history.

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The angel Hanael, her current album’s namesake, is one of the seven archangels. Hanael also known as Haniel, is generally associated with the planet Venus, and is the archangel of joy and intuition. This album has been written and conceived in her dreams by communication from Angel Hanael. There are many roads for composers to create music, but for Karen it all comes organically, and pretty much is out of her control. Karen receives her music in her dreams from a variety of angels. She recaptures all the music once she is awake and at her Steinway grand piano. Karen’s ethereal music process evokes many emotions from herself and the listener, but it’s a rare phenomenon, all her own.

Karen Salicath - Jamaili is no stranger to success, she is a multi-award-winning composer, pianist, producer, artist, painter, sculptor, photographer, and a voting member of the Recording Academy. Karen Salicath - Jamali is also a very accomplished performer, having appeared 8 times at Carnegie Hall. Karen was educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, School of Design in Copenhagen, she worked as a painter, sculptor, and photographer for 30 years. Karen participated in 180+ exhibitions in Museums and galleries throughout the world, including the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Karen Salicath - Jamali recent awards include: this year, "The Midnight Gold Record Award", "The Clouzine International Music Award". She is inducted to "The Akademia Music Award Hall of Fame". Karen is the official nominee for "Elite Music Awards". 2 Nominations from "The Josei Music Award". Premio "Oscar della Creatività" – Montecarlo. Winner of the "Golden Piano Talent 2d International Piano Competition". "The Academy Grand Award". "The Global Music" Silver Award, National Finalist: of American Music" The Ernst Bacon Memorial Award". and Finalist of "World Songwriting Award".

Karen has had many accomplishments, but her music is what really makes her soar. She says, 

❛ In dreams, my music comes. In dreams, I hear whispers of angels, in the depth of the canvas of life are hidden blessings of sound, I paint hearts full story, brilliant, bold, of love, peace, and compassion❜.

In a recent interview, Karen Salicath-Jamaili graciously shared insights into her personal narrative, encompassing challenges faced, sources of inspiration, her upcoming studio album 'Angel Hanael'  and life experiences. Kindly explore the ensuing Q&A segment for further elucidation.

Q&A with Karen Salicath-Jamaili

• How has your family inspired you and your artistic career?
» My grandfather was a well-known sculptor in Denmark and a professor at the Royal Academy of Art. He inspired me and guided me to follow my education to become an artist. I spoke a lot with him about art. He also played the piano. My grandmother was a concert pianist and a teacher at the Royal Danish Conservatorium of Music in Copenhagen. My great-grandmother was a painter. My grandfather, on the other side, was a writer and poet. So, I got the inspiration from all of my grandparents.

• Where do you see your career going in 5 years? 
» I hope to spread my music to more people in this world, I hope to compose music with other instruments for an orchestra, and I hope to compose music for film.

• Talk about any producers you have worked with.?
» I have been my own producer of all of my music.

• Where do you get your ideas for your music pieces? 
» I receive my music in dreams; the music repeats itself in my head until I have recorded it, and it will not leave before; it is like being haunted by music, in a beautiful way, but very intense.  There are times mostly in between day and night, it’s when the light changes, where I hear the music and play it, it just comes out of me, I can’t explain it.

• What charities are you aligned with and why? 
» I have supported SOS Children's Villages International for the last 20 years. I am a sponsor for orphaned and vulnerable children around the world. There are so many children in this world without food or parents; children left alone in wars. Children are our future, children are our gold, and children are the seeds of mankind on this planet. We must protect them and take care of them; we are all connected wherever we are on this planet. My heart bleeds when I see children who are hungry and in pain. It sickens me.

• What music projects will you be involved with in the future? 
» I am working on some new albums coming up this year. I have so much music, and I have to get it out and share it with the world.

• What are your biggest influences? 
» Nature, Silence, and Love.

• What advice would you give to a young musician starting out? 
» Follow your dream, and never ever give up.

• Talk about your performance training. Who have you trained with and why? 
» I am self-taught on the piano. It wasn’t until an accident that caused a head injury and a near-death experience, that started to play the piano spontaneously. I had never played the piano before, and the head injury amazingly opened a new world.  I began to play and compose music, which healed me. I am self-taught. The music will put the listener into a relaxed state of consciousness. The accident occurred in 2012, and after a 3-year-long recovery in 2015, I suddenly began to hear music in my dreams and began to record it. 

When I was a child at 8 years old, I played classical guitar with a teacher from the Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen for 15 years. On a high level, my teacher would have me to go on The Royal Music Academy when I was 12 years old, but it was not supported by my family, he literally came to my house crying 3 times, to convince my family. He said he had never seen talent like me, and he could not teach me anymore after 4 years. So, then he referred me his teacher instead, who was the teacher from the Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen, and I learned from him for the next 11 years.

• If you could collaborate with another artist, who would it be? 
» I love, love cello music. It was my dream as a child to play the cello. I love the cellist Hauser; he is amazing. There are so many wonderful artists out there, it’s hard to choose.

• Can you explain how you became a vessel for your angel guides?
» It all came after my accident, and my near-death experience; they began to connect with me; I became very sensitive with this experience. But that said, they have always come to me in my sculptures and my paintings, and now in music, and when I was a child, they were very close to me.

• Who are your favorite recording artists right now, and why? 
» I love Hauser, Andrea Bocelli, Aukai Adele, Michael Hoppe´, Cesária Évora, Luz Casal, and Leo Rojas.

• When did you know you wanted to be a recording artist? 
» It was not really a choice; this music had to reach people, or I would not be left in peace, and I have promised to do so.

• What recording artists did you admire as a child? 
» I have always loved these composers: Johan Sebastian Bach, Beethoven, Francisco Tarrega, Heitor Villa-Lobos, Astor Piazzolla, Miguel Llobet, Federico Moreno Torroba, Debussy, Fernando Sor, Vivaldi, and Mozart.

• What types of projects would you like to see yourself doing in the future? 
» I like to compose music for orchestras and films.

• What do you do to relax? 
» Play music, or paint or sculpt.

• What other businesses do you plan on starting to promote your brand? 
» I am working on my music store. I am designing some nice things for it; I am also an educated designer. Stay tuned!

• What’s the one thing you think everyone could do to make the world a more positive place?
» Be kind to yourself and others and be more compassionate.

• What would you be doing if you were not a recording artist? 
» I would be painting and sculpting, doing photography, and being a poet. Which I still do now.

• What was your first memory of seeing and hearing great music? 
» I remember I was 1 year old, and my parent took me to a concert with African music. I was sitting on the floor and danced on my butt for the whole concert. After that, my parents had to take me to a chiropractor, lol. Then my father brought me their record, it was called “Something New in Africa.” I still have this record; it was my favorite music throughout my childhood. I still love it.

• What’s your favorite song and why? 
» A Danish song called “In the East, the sun goes up.”

• What are your first steps in taking on a new project? 
» I wake up when the music comes to me in the night and record it.

• What do you want to leave as your legacy? 
» My art and my music.

• Talk about your music projects. 
» My music project is releasing my 2 current singles.  The first single and first track, “Angel Hanael’s Song,” will be released on April 8th, 2024, and the second single, “Angel Hanael’s Joy,” will be released on April 23, 2024, and my upcoming album, “Angel Hanael’s Song”. On April 26 2024.

• How do you overcome challenges in your career? 
» I never give up; something in me is telling me to move forward. I do what I have to do. We are always learning in life, and we continue to grow,

• Is there anything in your career that you wish you could do again? 
» Playing in Carnegie Hall again it was truly amazing.

• What are your hobbies? 
» Art, and music, and I love to grow flowers in my garden, especially roses.

• Fondest memory as a child with your family. 
» When I was with my grandmother in the summertime, in her little 11-square-meter house on the beach on the west coast of Denmark, that was my happy place.

• How did you start playing the piano? 
» In 2015, just before Christmas, all this music came to me, and I did not know what to do. It was really a miracle.

• How did you start being a recording artist? 
» In the same way, I began recording what I was playing; the music would not go away until I did that.
Describe life back in Denmark. It was not easy, you see Danish people do not believe in Angels, it’s easier to be a cleaning lady in Denmark than to be an artist.

• What’s the most fun event you have performed at? 
» At Carnegie Hall.

• What was it like the first time you performed on stage? 
» I was so nervous. It was my first performance, and it was in Carnegie Hall; I thought I was going to pass out, but it all went well.

• How does your family support you in your career? 
» My husband and children are supporting me all the way, and I don't know what I would do without them.

• What do you want your fans to know about you? 
» My fans mean everything to me. They make me believe in the power of this music, love them.

• What inspired your current music project, “ANGEL HANAEL’ S SONG”? 
» This album was all made in January 2024.  It was very intense, I received at least 3-5 music pieces a day, I choose the best ones, the ones that resonated most with me, in my heart, and I received the title to the songs. There are 9 songs, and they express 9 energies of Angel Hanael’s being. Angel Hanael is the Angel of Joy, also called Arch Angel Haniel. Her name means "God is my Joy.” She turns everything into joy and is a protector of souls. She provides us with spiritual determination to fulfill our higher purpose. 

The 9 songs are: 
Her Song, Her Joy, Her Dream, Her Heart, Her Hand, Her Quest, Her Beauty, Her Trust, and Her Smile.

Angels are near us all the time, protecting us under their wings; Angel Hanael’s is here, in her silver color, the Angel of Joy, the angel of beauty and intuition. The cover for this album I made with one of my paintings, which I also saw in a dream in January. The funny thing is there are nine people standing under the angel's wings, and this must be the nine songs.

• Do you feel exhilarated when you wake up once you’ve been visited by one of your angel guides? 
» I like to stay with them, but I have to wake up and play it; it can be very challenging. I pick myself up; I mean, sometimes it's 4 am or 5 am in the morning. I am not a morning person, so sometimes it is hard for me, but also wonderful.

• What sets your music apart from other Classical and New Age musicians? 
» I think my music is very organic; it is also very simple. My music has a healing component in it; it flows with an inner rhythm. In classical music, it is very stiff. There is not much room to express your creativity; you have to do exactly what the notes say at the right time, in the right mood, and in the right place. It was always a challenge for me when I was a child and I played classical guitar. In New-Age music, the lines/rules are very wide. You can do anything. My music is not like that either, there is a kind of order, like everything in nature has an order, a rhythm, and a system. Like math, and science.  And you have to follow this, or you will end up in chaos.

• What goals and milestones have you set for yourself? Are there specific achievements you're aiming for in the near future? 
Continue the dream of music.

• What’s your favorite piece of music that you have composed? 
» My piece “Angel Gabriel.”

• What’s is like performing at Carnegie Hall 8 different times? 
» It has been such a big honor and one of the best experiences in my life. Big thank you, Carnegie Hall. It made me believe in my music.

• Do your angels make you happy or sad? 
» Always happy.

With her highly anticipated single Angel Hanael's Song’, Karen Salicath - Jamali reaffirms her position as a leading figure in the music scene and sets the stage for even greater achievements on the global stage. Stay tuned for the latest update and witness the next chapter in Karen Salicath - Jamali's extraordinary journey.

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