Young Dolph connects with Key Glock and Snupe Bandz for the new banger "Blu Boyz."

Young Dolph recently announced his new album Paper Route Illuminati, confirming it to be a compilation effort featuring his Paper Route Empire roster. Now, Dolph has kicked things off with a new single "Blu Boyz," enlisting his longtime collaborator Key Glock and Snupe Bandz for the assist. 

As you might have guessed, the track is a hard-hitting banger, the exact sort of instrumental over which Dolph tends to shine. His deep baritone cadence remains among rap's most commanding, and he quickly puts in work as he fires off flexes. The energy is met by his collaborators, who keep the momentum moving with a healthy dose of luxurious gangsta rap. It's likely that "Blu Boyz" will set the tone for Paper Route Illuminati when it drops on July 30th.

Check this one out now, and sound off if you're excited for Dolph's next endeavor. 


Paper Route Frank, that's me

Paper Route the gang, that's we

Ugly black-ass n***a but my bank account on fleek

Baby come let a rich n***a beat

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