The trio express their reliance on drugs to keep the pain away on The Kid LAROI's "Not Sober."

It wasn't too long ago that The Kid LAROI and Polo G were new kids on the block in the rap game, finding their own lane with mentoring from the likes of Juice WRLD. However, the two artists are now the music industry and radio's favorite young stars. With the help of LAROI's friend and New York up-and-comer Stunna Gambino, the duo prove their dominance over the melodic rap sound will remain on the heartfelt and mellow "Not Sober".

"Not Sober" finds 17-year-old LAROI struggling with the same issues that have lined the lyrics of his Fuck Love EP trilogy-- relationships, loss, and haters. Over an elegant piano beat, LAROI seems to channel his late mentor's coping mechanisms with a powerful hook, "Okay, hold up, baby, roll one

Can we light it?/ Can we smoke one? Can we pour up?/ Mix the Hennessy with the cola/ I feel better when I’m not sober."

Polo G flows in effortlessly as he describes the pain he carries from his experience with gun violence and a tumultuous rise to the top. The beat's simple piano and drum pattern, sounds similar to beats on a number of Polo G tracks, so he seems like a perfect placement on the song. 

Stunna Gambino also adds significantly to the track as he wraps up the backend of the song. The young New York rapper's high-pitched voice seems halfway between Laroi's and fellow New Yorker A Boogie, making for not only a well fitting feature but a great way for Gambino to to reach new fans. 

Check out the track below.

Quotable Lyrics:

They tryna bring me down, gotta stay focused

When I get sad, I get the Hennessy and pour up

Fuck dirty Sprite, I get the liquor and the cola

And fuck my ex bitch, she did me dirty, I got no trust

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