Black Noi$e just came through with his new project "Oblivion" which features production that sounds out of this world.

 Detroit producer Black Noi$e has been making waves in the music industry thanks to his alien-like production that leads to some pretty abrasive and chaotic sounding tracks. This style has caught the attention of some big artists, including Earl Sweatshirt who signed Black Noi$e to his Tan Cressida imprint under Columbia Records.

Now, Black Noi$e is here with a 13-track project called Oblivion and, once again, he is bringing his signature production style to the table, with the help of some big artists. Of course, Earl Sweatshirt is here on the song "Mo(u)rning," while Danny Brown can be found on the cut "1999." We also have some dope features from the likes of MIKE, Duendita, Zelooperz, and Liv.e, just to name a few.

Give this project a spin and let us know what you think, in the comments below.


1. 14 Trillion

2. Sorry (ft. Raphy)

3. Tight Leash (ft. MIKE)

4. The Band (ft. Liv.e)

5. Mo(u)rning (ft. Earl Sweatshirt)

6. George's Baby (ft. GVVAAN)

7. Glitch (ft. Duendita)

8. Oblivion (ft. Pink Siifu)

9. 1999 (ft. Danny Brown)

10. Mutha Magick (ft. bbymutha)

11. Bonnie & Clyde (ft. Zelooperz)

12. 33

13. Dragon Dance (ft. Cousin Mouth)

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